February 23, 2024

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What is the best VPN for gaming?

What is the best VPN for gaming?

If your internet connection is trustworthy you may have the best VPN in the world (none). This adds complexity to your VPN because it usually takes longer (there are no VPN servers in every city or town), encrypted (hence more data with inevitably higher delays). However, your operator is faster because your connection is faster than using your ISP
There are VPN servers in dozens of countries that have a direct link to your country’s VPN server. Prefer the Wireguard protocol (or Nordlinks at NordvPN, or Lightway at ExpressVPN) for the IKEv2 / IPSEC protocol. If your internet connection (without VPN) is stable (without micro disconnection), prefer the UDP protocol, which is faster than TCP. If your Internet connection is shared during your gaming sessions (with most users, audio / video streaming), give preference to the TCP protocol instead. It is definitely slow, but has the advantage of controlling the data packets that are exchanged. Your ping may drop a bit, but you will not be disconnected in the middle of the game!

Additionally, there may be physical slowdowns in your gamer setup. Avoid playing on WiFi (increasing latency, sharing bandwidth – narrower than wired – with the rest of the family) or with a smartphone / 4G router (weather, terrain, duration hours, very random network depending on the number of people connected) and a good old wired connection (like) / 1000 Gb). Furthermore, the sent / received data is encrypted / decrypted on the fly and therefore consumes machine resources (processor and RAM). On a powerful PC (fixed or portable), decoding is transparent, but if you want to listen to music / watch video in stream, your machine will be more or less slow. Simultaneous video playback from Twitch / YouTube can severely degrade your network’s response (delay), affecting your gaming video experience. Last tip, do not use the Tor server for your games in Valentine or Apex. The connection between the game server and your internet service provider is already anonymous, provided your machine’s IP address is provided by the VPN server. No need to add additional encryption / camouflage.

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