September 21, 2023

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Meghan Markle “suffered” allegations of harassment

Meghan Markle "suffered" allegations of harassment

Prince Harry’s wife Meghan has ‘suffered’ with allegations of harassment since she lived with the British royal family, and within hours of being interviewed harming her for the crown, she told the door – Speak.

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Daily The Times The harassment complaint against the aides was reported in October 2018 by then-Harry and Meghan Communications Secretary Jason Knopf, who reported Wednesday.

A spokeswoman for the Duchess of Sussex said: “She is deeply saddened by this latest attack on her man, especially the man who abused himself and deeply involved in supporting those suffering and trauma.”

“She is determined to continue her work advocating for compassion around the world and will continue to strive to lead by example to do what is right,” he says.

Ahead of an interview with US TV star Oprah Winfrey Harry and Meghan on March 7, the couple’s lawyers told the Times that Buckingham Palace was using the newspaper to “completely dispel the false story.”

This interview is eagerly awaited in the United Kingdom, where the press and royal experts are looking for possible revelations from the couple, who did not hide their discomfort in the royal family before they parted ways with it last year.

According to summaries already released, Prince Harry described his “great concern that history will repeat itself”, referring to the death of his mother, who died in an accident in Paris in 1997, and chasing her as paparazzi try to escape.

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Prince Harry, 36, who is ranked sixth after the British crown, has repeatedly denied media pressure on his couple, which is the main reason for his departure from the royal family, which came into force in April 2020.

His decision to leave the monarchy and move to America with his American wife, Meghan Markle, shook the British monarchy.