March 25, 2023

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Racism 2.0 | The Journal of Montreal

Racism 2.0 |  The Journal of Montreal

The racist abyss expands every day. Decades later, almost a century later, the intoxicated troublemakers of teaching that there is only one species – the human race – the little beast, I am busy establishing what is called compartmentalism: whites with whites; Blacks with blacks; Aborigines with aborigines. Every house.

What this postmodern false left argues for is none other than racism 2.0.

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New controversy

The new star of poetry, Amanda Gorman, has charmed the world by announcing The Hill We Claim President Biden’s inauguration has been at the center of a recent controversy.

Chosen to translate Gorman’s works, Dutch author Mary Lucas Rizneweld, recipient of last year’s Booker Prize, had to step down in the wake of a controversy over an activist journalist, although Dutch publisher Milenhof Rijneweld was “committed to the issues of gender equality and resilience” and “committed to” Fight “added to identify.

In France, Ford House, learning more that the white world now runs on egg shells, commissioned the translation by Belgian-Congolese artist Marie-Pierre Cacoma.

Once there, we want to ask ourselves: Do I have the right to read Amanda Gorman poems if I have white skin?

Racial vigilance

Just think for a moment that my editor has decided to translate my recent bestseller (Beatrice Picard: With age, we can say anything) By choosing a black translator and I oppose it. This conflict is in the middle of the constellations: I face racist accusations, a dominant white man and I kill less than two people on social networks.

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In vain do I inspire all the sophisticated intellectual concepts: cultural acquisition, inability to grasp my white sensibilities, etc. Some activists from Concordia University are sure to make the autodafie of my books in front of a symbolic place. Bookstore.

Did you know that most of Danny LaFerrier’s books have been translated into English by White Man (David Homel)? Was there a scandal? Nope.

The recognition of the new vigilance of the race is none other than grid reverse racism, in the name of sensitivity to the slave past, micro-aggression and other highly questionable concepts that have largely awakened in American universities.

Consider the following drifts: Can a man translate a book written by a woman? And vice versa?

I do not know how to include “racist” characters (how ugly, this neologism) in the novel I am writing, because it is lost. If there is, I will be accused of possessing a sensitivity that does not belong to me; Otherwise, I would be accused of making black society invisible.

The question is currently unanswered: no matter what one does, prevailing racism will inevitably put white society on the wrong side of the fence. Fence built by Racist 2.0, it should be noted.