March 21, 2023

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Snow removal operation without ice

Snow removal operation without ice

Despite the lack of snow, many citizens were shocked to see notices announcing the snow removal operation on Tuesday morning. The city of Montreal has defended its policy, explaining that such intervention is necessary to prevent water accumulation.

Lee CarrierLee Carrier

In several boroughs in the metropolis, including Rosmont-la-Petit-Patri and Ahuntzik-Cartierville, citizens have woken up to new parking ban signs. On social networks, videos and photos of Snoop scraping tar have been shared. “Recovery has not been taken, but there is ice removal, no ice,” a tweet read.

Joined Tap, The City has justified the launch of its fifth loading operation of the season, citing its final press release. “Last Saturday, eight centimeters of snow fell along with the rain, which may have partially melted depending on the island’s areas. Rain has been declared. It is better to clear the streets from this partial snowfall and make sure that the water flows into the sumps ”, can we read?

Spring warmth was also mentioned in the press release. “In this case, it’s interfering with the thorough cleaning of surfaces, including trail protrusions, gaps near pillars, sumps and other snow storage areas.”

According to Public Relations Officer Gonzalo Nunez, boroughs have the power to adapt operations to their local realities.

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