June 6, 2023

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Surprising appointments of Dominic Anglade

Surprising appointments of Dominic Anglade

Politician, tell me who will advise you and I will tell you what you think.

This new political maxim of my own, I agree, seems a bit hacked; But you got it, I imagined it! The liberal leader, Dominic Anglade, recently made two additions to her “entourage”; Additions that do not seem to reflect some of the “priorities” she puts forward. They are Patrick Derry and Jerome Lucier. Some eyebrow raising options in his caucus. (Well, everything always raises eyebrows in the Caucasus. But hey.)

Too white?

First, the weak “Wokin” echo that amuses me. The ideology of a particular feminism and diversity was identified as “still white men” in their forties.

The plague against a party and systemic racism that called the Legal government a male club, may actually come as a surprise. The fact that a liberal leader is a woman and comes from diversity does not exclude her from certain responsibilities related to representation. Even behind the scenes!


Also, over the past few months, Mme Angled has turned on her left hand turn signal; Then towards nationalism and regions. However, she hired these two new advisers, most Montrealists, rather than the right-wingers, who did not favor bigotry.

The newcomer, Patrick Dury, has been a “public policy analyst” ever since. Since the outbreak began, he has been documenting on Twitter every day – with impressive consistency – the evolution of the epidemic and its management by the Legalt government. “We liked his tweets, so we hired him,” they honestly told me at PLQ.

Dury is a former, think tank of the financial right of the Montreal Economic Institute. “CAQ has its Yuri Chasin [élu caquiste issu de l’IEDM], PLQ now has its Patrick Dury, ”L’Aut’journal joked without surprise.

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Minister Gauten Barrett’s Slayer, Derry has a bias in favor of the private sector in health. In April 2018, he signed a study for MEI: “In the same way, private CHSLDs do much better than the public. “

Recently, Dury and Barrett clashed on Twitter over the salaries of medical professionals. The former minister even “blocked” Dury! Doc had promised to unlock a new advisor to his boss … Dury enjoyed it on Twitter.

Act 101

The other “acquisition” is old. Jerome Lucier has been the policy director for Anglade for many months. Mr. Lucier was a very serious anti-nationalist in his blogs ten years ago. Note: He was the Director of Communications for CAQ in 2012-2013. In the Voir where he kept a blog, Legalt said he was committed to the party’s “constitutional agnosticism”.

Like Anglade, Lucier left the CAQ because he was considered too nationalistic. He later worked at Kaisse de Depot, L’Aqualita and researcher at the Institute du Quebec.

In his blog Voir, Luzier described the franchise targets already set out in Bill 101 as “shiny and very expensive manipulation”. In his Metro blog, Dury has already argued in Montreal that “English saves French”.

There are subtle skills in their texts, but does Mrs. Angled agree with these positions?