June 5, 2023

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UN: Burmese ambassador appointed by junta resigns

UN: Burmese ambassador appointed by junta resigns

The Burmese ambassador to the UN, who was appointed on Tuesday as the new representative to the military junta organization after being fired, resigned on Thursday to ensure that his predecessor represented his country. – United Speech Nations, Stefan Dujarric.

Deputy Ambassador Tin Mang Naing informed us that he had submitted his resignation letter to the Burmese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and we received a communication yesterday from the Burmese Permanent Mission, recalling that Kyaw Mo Tun is Myanmar’s representative to the United Nations., He said at his daily press conference.

Saturday, The Burmese military junta overthrew the latter, The day after his intervention before the UN General Assembly, he called for an end to the uprising that began on February 1. He completed his appeal to the Burmese people in his language and with his three fingers up, as a symbol of protest in Myanmar.

On Monday, the diplomat denied the authority to deny military power. After the junta appointed its second position, the UN, embarrassed, had to face a very rare situation, relying on the UN body responsible for accreditations to determine. Second, in a last ditch effort, a simple majority vote of the General Assembly (193 countries) may be relied upon to determine who will represent Myanmar in the UN.

This decision has a strong impact because it does not identify who will exercise power in Myanmar. Since Tuesday, Kyaw Mo Tun has been meeting with his colleagues from the European Union and the United States representative, all of whom reiterated their support for the diplomat at the trial. Bold By many countries.

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