July 5, 2022

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Orange Zone: Evening skiing is widespread in some resorts News | The sun

Orange Zone: Evening skiing is widespread in some resorts  News |  The sun

This is exactly what happens at the Le Release Ski Center. “We maintain schedules before the break, which is closed from Friday to Sunday at 7pm,” explains Melanie Morney, general manager of Lock-Beauport Mountain.

“But we can’t wait to get back on track for the 2021-2022 season,” she said.

At MSA and Stoneham at 8:30 p.m.

In the case of Mont-St-Anne and Stoneham stations, ticket holders are expected to take advantage of these curfew reductions so that they can enjoy a few weeks of evening skiing. So far they have been able to do this until 8:30 pm instead of 7pm.

“This is good news for night skiing. It allows those who get the job done later to come and have fun anyway, ”said Lisa-Marie Lacasse, a spokeswoman for both sites.

However, it needs to be acted upon quickly, as this right only lasts until March 20th. Then, only a few evenings will be held at Stoneham from 4 to 7, with the end of the season being “approved” for evening ski subscribers.

In Chaudhary-Appalach‌s, Mont-Original plans to extend its opening until 9pm this Friday and Saturday, said Michelin Cloutier, director of operations.

There are no restaurants or bars

Returning to the orange alert level also allows restoration services to restart. By the end of the season, the comforting Poutin in the chalet will have to be postponed until another time.

All the stations contacted have aged the status quo of food supply, which will not resume until next year. Dietary “logistics” have proven to be very complex for such a short time.

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But with the advent of warmer weather, some of them are considering the possibility of implementing the outdoor barbecue formula soon for the rest of the winter.

Hot dog between two tracks, why not?

In addition, the new health guidelines, which take effect March 8, will not change the chapter on the number of people allowed on the mountain or in ski lifts.