May 25, 2022

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Quebec Solidair wants another investigation into FitzGibbon

Quebec Solidair wants another investigation into FitzGibbon

Quebec’s Minister of Economy and Innovation has asked the Quebec Solidarity Ethics Commissioner to launch a new investigation into Pierre FitzGibbon.

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Rosemont’s solidarity deputy, Vincent Marissall, coquist minister, received two reprimands but was of the opinion that, if relied upon under Section 46, it would not be in accordance with the code of ethics and deontology of the elected officers of the National Assembly.

“We can not do business when we are in politics. The commissioner has already given him two warnings. He had to be blamed,” Vincent Marisall said in an interview with LCN on Thursday.

Nearly three months after the Minister of Economy and Innovation of Quebec Solidarity (QS) warned of ethical and professional conduct from the commissioner, Arien Mignolet said that the Minister still does not comply with the regulations and continues to be a shareholder in two companies dealing with the government.

On February 3, the Council of Ministers appointed Sonia Lebel, chairperson of the Treasury Board, to look into requests from these organizations.

“They just did a round of applause in the face of the Ethics Commissioner. We said to him: ‘You, you can always say what you want, it’s not interested in us, we will go over it,'” Mr. Marisel continued.

In a letter, TVA Novelles received a copy, a member of Rosemont wrote: “This manifest and perpetual disrespect to the rules we have given is a dangerous precedent for our organizations and your authority, as it continues every day.”

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He wants Commissioner Mignolet to launch a new investigation. “If he does not comply, this is our umption, as well as sanctions,” said a member of the Rosemont.

The elected representative adds: “Perhaps in his previous life, there was no code of ethics to honor Pierre FitzGibbon”.

Commissioner Mignolet confirms that he has received a request and has begun an investigation into the matter. We wrote to TVA Novels that there would be no more comments at this point.

The Minister of Finance and Innovation assured the Cabinet that “the decree shows that the Minister and the Government are in action”.

“The China Wall was established to ensure that the minister was not involved in government decisions affecting business. It is important to note that none of them made a request to the government,” it said.

Responding to statements made by Vincent Marisol on Twitter on Thursday evening, Minister FitzGibbon assured that “no matter what position he is in, he has never had a conflict of interest.”

“Here, Deputy Kaise questioned the ethics of managers and National Bank executives. If it comes from someone who has shopped for political involvement, it will not have a big impact, ”he wrote.

– Based on information from Alain LaForest, TVA Knowles