March 24, 2023

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Sarkozy: French Trumpism

Games in the wake of the carnage

Washington – New York – Instead of Mar-a-Lago, the stage is set in the Paris-Bordeaux-Nice triangle. Instead of Donald Trump and his trusted lawyer Rudy Giulia, the main characters are Nicolas Sarkozy and Theory Herzog, a lawyer in Paris. Instead of manipulating the election, they are trying to influence the court ruling.

Yves BoisworthYves Boisworth

Nicolas Sarkozy is not Trump, he is far from it. But there is trumpism in the former French president. If he was convicted of corruption and influence peddling, he felt he was controlling the judges.

The most extraordinary thing about the affair was that a section of the political class welcomed the sentence, which was the most severe of all: three years in prison – including working with a prisoner at home, including a “farm”. Bracelet.

Photo by Michael Euler, Associated Press

Nicolas Sarkozy on Monday in Paris Criminal Court

The interior minister’s reaction, here, is tantamount to public safety: without justifying him, he emphasized his “friendly support” for this “great president” he had already served.

Instead of defending the jurisdiction of the courts, the keepers of justice, the Seals, satisfied themselves with a clear reaction: “This is a matter of distrust of the law. Express ”, as reported The world.

If the Minister of Justice himself does not justify this, and relies on elections, who will? Opposition parties, judges themselves …

Meanwhile, the former president walked into complacency forums and repeated that he had done nothing. Proof that there is no corruption? “Not a penny” was traded. He adds even without embarrassment: “What happens to me can happen to any of you. “And let him understand that he is the object of the judges’ vengeance, that he has already rejected – a Trumpist argument equality: let me understand (without others saying that judges who do not give a reason have shameful political intentions).

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However, what happened to him is clearly not happening to any average citizen. There are almost no ways to put pressure on a member of the Supreme French Judicial Authority in a case about him. Or pretending to talk to the Prince of Monaco to get a job for his informant.

Everything is buggy, no serious doubt to maintain.

At the level of French corruption, this is not the crime of the century (Airbus agreed a year ago to pay 2 billion euros for generalization methods of international corruption). A former president tries to obstruct the path of justice at the highest level, not even that.


Clearly, we cannot say 32E The correction room helped the French people. His 246-page verdict was not available online until Thursday, three days later. Mediapart and others have distributed a poorly “scanned” version of their site as a form of public service. The text reads like an endless technical report, without a summary.

The path to the most exotic commentary is clear …

However, we have uncovered a whole “bundle” of evidence leading to a logical conclusion. This is contextual evidence for the use of Canadian terminology. It is very strong.


What about it? You should first know that after Sarkozy’s presidency (2007-2012), he was subject to numerous criminal investigations into the financing of his campaign, hidden payments, and so on. One of these investigations led to the dismissal in 2013. Justice, however, seized his agenda and tried to recapture it in the name of national security, presidential immunity, and so on. The case went to the Court of Cassation, which is similar to our Supreme Court.

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That same week, he made contact with former high court judge Gilbert Azibert, a magistrate in this court. Through his lawyer, Thierry Herzog, Sarkozy collects confidential information from the talks. Renowned lawyer Azibert is expected to influence the decision of the judges who heard Sarkozy’s case.

Sarkozy also activated two prepaid phones for him and his lawyer to discuss his feats under the name “Paul Bismuth”. His lawyer spoke with Azibert and reported on the progress of the case. “He worked and the court must follow, if the law does not win,” Herzog said at one point.

We wonder if so-and-so will change his mind. As long as he lifts his foot, it will be fine …

Sarkozy said he would talk to the Prince of Monaco for a post that Azibert wants. Finally, on further hearing, he said that he had not spoken to him and that he could not recommend Azibert (but this time, he knew he had been wired up).

In the end, Azibert did not get the job and Sarkozy lost his case – and his agenda.

But here, as in France, the impact pedaling takes place even if the project fails.

Evidence suggests that Azibert leaked confidential information from the court, which the court convicted the three on Monday, saying it “allows the implementation of an effective strategy”.


Sarkozy is not Trump. Yet he studies the narcissistic art of political harassment with great talent. Result: By politicizing his court case himself, he succeeded in convincing part of France that it was a politically motivated judiciary. In one case … he was absolutely guilty of attacking the integrity of the Supreme Court of France.

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Although it is a more eloquent form, it is a local variant of Trumpism. A version Light, As they say in Paris.