July 1, 2022

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10,000 Kills Mark for EDward Gaming

10,000 Kills Mark for EDward Gaming

Edward Gaming is the second LPL team to reach the symbolic 10,000 kills mark in the Chinese league.

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It is often said that ensemble is needed in the League of Legends and that a team without teamplay does not reach the top, this Saturday March 6 performance by the EDward gaming team will surely bring water to the mill of that old adage. Flanders and his playmates played against Royal Never Give Up this morning for first place control in the general classification, the meeting kept all of its promises and eventually ended in an RNG victory over a score of 2 to 1.

During this BO3, Edward Gaming crossed the 10,000 murder symbolic bar in the LPL, making him the second team in Chinese league history to reach this level. Considered one of the title favorites, EDG still has a long way to go for the 2020 season; The Chinese team failed by many points by 2020 for EDward Gaming, although it made significant changes in its staff before the start of the competitive season.

The team finished 5th / 6th in the Spring Split (9 wins out of 7 defeats) and dropped to 10th with just 8 wins at the end of the summer season, thus missing out. Qualified for the playoffs. The man who won the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational with Koro 1, PavN, Deft and Mico unfortunately failed to find a way to success in 2020, as well as the World Championship. EDward Gaming took advantage of the last transfer window to strengthen its coaching staff and review a portion of its workforce, particularly announcing that Clearlow will return to the Summoners Rift as a nominal jungle for the 2021 LPL season and spend only one season thereafter as head coach.

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