July 6, 2022

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Beaufort Baylo million 2 million urban park | Capital | News | The sun

Beaufort Baylo million 2 million urban park |  Capital |  News |  The sun

The port will develop new recreational areas and plant hundreds of trees and shrubs. It will green four hectares of land in a recreational tourism zone that represents an area equivalent to five soccer fields.

The announcement comes in addition to the Beaufort Bay redevelopment project announced in June 2020.

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With the urban park, the port is proposing the development of several areas with boreal forest, flowering meadow and deciduous forest.

“The goal is accessible gardening, we want it to be a diverse walk that highlights different natural environments. It will be very educational, a great experience with Bay Beach and the jungle, which everyone will love,” Mr. Girard said.

The press release said that the combination of different natural environments will allow the ecosystem to develop biodiversity by creating new habitats for Quebec’s wildlife. The sun Got a copy on Thursday.

Contribute to good air quality

The announcement of this project is reminiscent of the controversy surrounding the Laurencia project. Mario Girard continues to protect the container terminal, which he feels is another growing benefit of the town park.

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“A lot of people understand that we are developing, we are moving forward. They have read the project details carefully. More things are coming in the next few weeks. All this is to reduce the footprints of port terminals,” he said.

In the Laurentia project, among other things, there is an asphalt floor in the area, which leads to “hot islands”, Mr. Girard said.

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“Having a park nearby solves this heat problem,” explains the Port Authority’s CEO.

“Planting trees is one of the suggestions to improve air quality in Limoilou. We have come not only to contribute to the carbon neutrality of the Laurencia project, but also to do our part in that direction,” he said.

Keep in mind that the Laurentia project wants to turn Quebec Harbor into a deep water container terminal with environmental features intended to stay green in North America. This is thanks to a joint investment of 75 775 million.

“With Beaufort Bay next to the park, it’s going to be a very interesting place. It’s going to be more popular and we want it. This sector is proud. Others envy us, and it’s very special internationally,” Mario Girard concluded.