May 24, 2022

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Genevieve Bourne has hacked his Instagram account

Genevieve Bourne has hacked his Instagram account

A bad guy has taken over the identity of the poor Genevieve Born

Unfortunately for a friendly host And candidate Big Brother Celebrity, His Instagram account currently has a target of 40,000 subscribers Hackers! Proud of their accomplishment, the hackers made their presence known by posting a new profile picture, erasing all photos from them Feed Sharing Instagram and two flag emoticons (from Republic of Cyprus and Turkey) As a myth.

Off …

Instagram Genevieve Born

Currently, Genevieve Has not yet responded via its official Facebook page. We want her to get her account back very soon! Not always easy Dealer With hackers …

On another note, we chatted Genevieve Born When he left the house Big Brother Celebrity. Among other things, she told us how it was when candidates were on “vacation” from the cameras and she gave a straightforward opinion on it. Franకోois Lambert! Find the interview now enVedette!

Pssst! Comedian Billy Tellier He shared on Instagram that he has a lot of problems right now because someone stole his identity and took the opportunity to claim PKU in his name!

«After a 1 hour wait in line with Service Canada, some people stole my identity to claim a shit PKU, which is a pleasure! #MusiquedAmbiance #Interminable #AlwaysLostiedememeBeat»

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