December 1, 2023

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Immune variant against others

Immune variant against others

This study was conducted by the South African scientific team that discovered the South African variant 501Y.V2, but has not yet been submitted to the scientific community for evaluation and contains only a very small number of subjects. However, it raises hopes that a vaccine based on this variant may protect against future mutations in the coronavirus.

According to the data from this study, a team of scientists presented together in the Genomic Surveillance Network – South Africa (NGS-SA) that only 4% of the 55 subjects already infected with 501Y.V2 did not end up contaminated with the original strain of the new coronavirus.

Recognized at the end of 2020, the South African variant dominated the country, officially being heavily influenced by Kovid-19 on the continent, which fueled a second wave of pollution and delayed launching the vaccine campaign in February. Of the last sequencing reported to Luxembourg, 22.7% were for the South African variant.

Appropriate vaccine?

South African scientists said on Wednesday that the plasma had “good neutralizing action” against plasma “first wave” viruses from infected people and other disturbing new variants.

Mutations in the new coronavirus – some of which seem more contagious – have dampened enthusiasm around the vaccine campaign, with some vaccines appearing less effective against these types. Manufacturers have recently slightly modified their vaccines to accommodate mutations.

American laboratory Moderna recently announced in mid-March that it would launch a clinical trial of a version of the vaccine specifically adapted for the South African variant.

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