May 21, 2022

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Perke wants to ban tourism “jerks” in his territory | Eastern Quebec | News | The sun

Perke wants to ban tourism "jerks" in his territory |  Eastern Quebec |  News |  The sun

The draft provision adopted by the Municipal Council on Tuesday provides for “to extend the ban on tourist accommodation as an additional use to a single family residence throughout its territory”. In other words, Perke should no longer see buying houses and converting them into tourist lodges, i.e. “flip” and vacant outside the tourist season.

Considering that “the number of tourist dwellings will increase significantly per year in the areas where they are empowered” and “this situation will reduce the supply of housing in the territory for new residents”, the Municipal Council ‘urgent action Tisco.

“We want to see the lights in the winter,” says Percy, Kathy Poyer’s Meyers summary. “We are facing a very severe housing shortage, and we are losing potential homes every month,” she explains. “It solves the housing shortage problem, but we want to at least stop the bleeding.”

At the heart of this decision, Perke recently approved a development plan that aims to increase its annual population by 20%. “It fits in well with our plan. We would love to have three new families in Cop-de Espoire‌ rather than three other tourist facilities,” the mayor said.

The municipality, which relies on the tourism sector as its main economic engine, has already legalized the area in 2019, but only in a few central sectors, especially the village of Perke. The ban will soon take effect across municipal territory. “Already, two years ago, it was a problem to look at seasonal rental homes. With the epidemic, it got worse and there were a lot of .hogans. We want to take action before it is too late everywhere in our territory, ”said Ms. Poyer.

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Although the regulation came into effect only a few months ago, regulatory policies are responsible, and Perke is already taking a break to obtain permits for tourist accommodation. “It simply came to our notice then. We brought the matter back a few weeks ago and all the suggestions are in the same direction. We had to act ”.

“Good deal” according to host companies

Reception organizations of the MRC du Rocher-Perque have been well-received for this intention to legislate to protect the family occupation of Perke’s residences, which have been raising awareness among municipal administrations about the issue of housing transformation for months.

“It was very positive,” reported Agent Stephanie Roy, an agent at Place Ox Jeans Rocher-Perke. “Now, in Perco, we know that houses sold by new families rather than large tourist accommodation companies are rented out for a few weeks in the summer and leave them vacant in the winter,” she said.