May 17, 2022

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The Twitter founder wants to sell his first tweet

The Twitter founder wants to sell his first tweet

(San Francisco) Twitter boss Jack Dorsey put his first tweet up for sale on Friday and the highest bid on Saturday was $ 2 million, a sign of hunger for these new collections, authenticated virtual items on Blackchain.

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“I will create my Twttr account”, tweeted the founder of the platform on March 21, 2006. On Friday, he tweeted a link Valu is a valuable site that enthusiasts can auction off.

Saturday’s highest bid – 1 million 2 million – came from TRON founder, blockchain platform, core cryptocurrency technology and owner of the platform Justin Sun. Streaming BitTorrent.

“The creator of a tweet decides whether to send it on the blockchain to create a uniquely authenticated version,” the tweet auction site explains.

Buying a tweet means “the digital certificate of the tweet, which is unique because it is signed and verified by the creator”, the company says on its Q&A page – like an autograph.

This tweet will be visible to everyone until Jack Dorsey or Twitter leaves it online.

Video footage of basketball matches may appear for free on the Internet, even after being sold in the form of an “NFT” (“Non-Fungal Token”) or Non-Fungal Token: Virtual Object with Identity, theoretically authentic and recognizable, and inviolable, black.

The 10-second clip from NBA star LeBron James sold for a whopping 8,208,000 in a top shot in late February.

Top Shot, launched in early October in partnership with Dopper Labs, the NBA, allows you to buy and sell these video clips, which are called “moments” at their infrequent prices.

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Since the beginning of this year, Top Shot has garnered more than $ 200 million in transactions, a Dopper Labs spokesman said.

In 2019, Justin Sun put together 6 4.6 million for lunch with iconic billionaire Warren Buffett, one of the bitcoin players.

NFTs have been all the rage among collectors for a few months, until the end of February, when Christie auctioned off, for the first time, fully digital work using this technology.