June 7, 2023

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D-Union at Laurentian | Management alleges illegal interference

Another departure for Laurentian Bank management


Roxanne Ocompo
The Canadian Press

During the vote, Sepby-Quebec leaders affiliated with the Federation of Workers of Quebec (FTQ) denounced the climate as a burden on their members.

“It simply came to our notice then. There is also the right not to unionize. But this right belongs to the workers, and not to the employer in any way, ”FTQ President Daniel Boer stressed Sunday.

He responded to a press conference with information from the QMI agency, according to which management participates in de-union and informs about employee positions.

“Today we can tear off our shirt and break everything,” Mr Boer said. But we trust this bank, the employees believe it and that is why we came here. ”

Photo by Graham Hughes, Canadian Press

FTQ President Daniel Boer

This is not the first allegation of unfair practice raised against the employer, as Laurentian has had relations with his union for many years.

The complaint was brought to the attention of the Board of Industrial Relations (CIRB) in January, which concluded that the allegations were serious and needed further investigation. If they are proven to have been established, the request made by the Administrative Court for withdrawal is invalid.

Therefore, even if the ballet is performed, its outcome does not mark the end of this saga, Sierra Leone’s Pierik Choinier-Lapoint of SEPB-Quebec.

The financial institution denies interfering in union affairs. “Laurentian Bank management respects the independence of the process currently underway,” Fabrice Tremble, a communication consultant, said in an email to the Canadian Press.

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Second vote in three years

Union members will go to the polls for the second time in three years this week. In 2018, they voted over 60% in favor of continuing their union. The CIRB also dismissed the previous request, which found that the signatures had been forged.

All of these repetitive attempts were made by the same employee Jonathan Andre Leclerc, “they seem to have unlimited resources,” Mr. Choinier-Lapoint said.

Julie Tancrod, president of the local union, believes the financial institution management has been implementing a similar strategy for five years.

“The bank meets with employees and sends anti-union messages,” she reports. Employees are under a lot of pressure. Our members feel intimidated, intimidated. ”

Mr. Boer criticized management for not recognizing the union as an interlocutor and for refusing to meet with its representatives in its 40-year career.

Laurentian replied that after her arrival, “meeting employees and customers of all sectors of the bank” was a priority for its new president and CEO. Rania Levelin has been in office since October 30.

The 600 or more union members, who make up about 20% of the bank’s total workforce, are found mainly at branches across Quebec and corporate offices in Montreal. They numbered about 2,000 in 2015 before the transition plan was implemented, resulting in the closure and merger of branches and the removal of counter services in favor of switching to financial advice and services. Digital.

Laurentian is the seventh largest bank in the country and the only unionized bank.

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