May 22, 2022

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Excellent ride of Hicham Boudoui

Excellent ride of Hicham Boudoui

Many cried when Jamel Belmadi retained his list for CAN in 2019 Hicham Baudoui. A player unknown to the battalion that prefers big names to play in Europe, in some strong clubs, it inevitably speaks for itself.

At the time, Belmadi was not yet a Cairo miracle writer and his choices are still controversial today. And, most of all, the controversial player is not the first to skip the steps by going straight from the modest Paradow team to the national team.

In short, we know that the water to the mill of the suspects of the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) President Khaireddin Jetchi turned into a springboard to transport the Algerian team from his academy to Europe.

All the players who came through this circuit and provoked a single criticism ended up silencing the world. And Hitchham Boudoui did just that, probably for sure.

At the age of 21, he joined the Algerian club, TheOGC is good, Best player in the month of February. It’s not the Golden Ball, but it needs to be sacred to a player who has come a long way. From a great distance, and literally more figuratively.

Hicham was born and raised in Bechar, in the south of the country. A really unknown area for the upbringing of national elites. Rightly or wrongly, it was felt that young talent from the South would be harmed and would never be able to go farther than the team from their hometown because they could not shine in the light of the capital.

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Excellent ride

A genius’ auxiliary hand or amputee stroke from the same Jetchi’s scouts will give Boudoui the opportunity to meet in 2012 at Hydra. He is only 13 years old. The academy where we play barefoot is rarely wrong and this is not an excellent ride by Hitchham Boudoui, which is contrary to consideration.

After five years of rigorous training, things will go very quickly from 2018 when he joins the PAC first team. That same year, he was selected to the National Hope Team, and later to the A’s. Then comes the crucial year 2019 in his career.

In July, he lifted the CAN 2019 trophy in Egypt. In September, he began his European career without going through a second-class club, a process that required players from the league on average, similar to Algeria.

The midfielder has signed for ఫ్రె 4 million for a French club, OGC Nice on the Cote d’Azur. At the club, there are already two Algerians, one of whom has a course similar to Boudoui.

Defender Youssef Atal was crowned African Champion with Paradow Academy’s production and Jamel Belmadi Greens. He signed with Iglons‌ in July 2018. Adam Unus, the winner of CAN 2019, came to Nice in the form of a loan from Naples.

Of the three Algerians, the least expected is the most regular. Atal struggled with injuries and Unas, who had never won, left for Italy again. Baudoui, on the other hand, continues his short road man without making much noise.

Even when he returned to the bad language charge, he recalled his origins with this disgraceful journalist and the denial campaign that targeted him to take part in the match. Israel With his team, we didn’t hear much of a kid from the South. He’s kind of focused only on his topic. And it works for him. Hope this continues!

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He slowed down with a news that was very bad Injury Rennes was signed on Wednesday, March 3 for the championship match. A blow to the Algerian international, he must keep his numbness away and stay away from the pitch for at least two months.