May 24, 2022

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F.C., a legendary club under construction. Joan Laporta is elected President of Barcelona

F.C., a legendary club under construction.  Joan Laporta is elected President of Barcelona

Four months later Joseph Maria Bartomeu resigns And eleven years later, on Sunday, March 7, Joan Laporta was elected President of FC Barcelona and was to lead the restructuring of the club that had lost its iconic position on the European continent.

With a new president, Barయాa missing out on a permanent crisis for more than a year – its final trophy dates back to La Liga in 2019 – to open a new page in rebirth and its history, with superstar Lionel Messi at the end of his contract at the end of June, with his first file future.

The daily life of the famous Catalan club is a leisure Through searches and arrests like last week, Internal scandals and sports frustrations, the return of Joan Laporta, who was already club president between 2003 and 2010, are synonymous with a return to stability.

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The declared favorite, Laporta, is leading with 58,54.28% of the vote (30,184 votes), ahead of the other two candidates: Victor Font (16,679 votes, 29.99%) and Tony Frexa (4,769 votes), 8.58% of the official Barsia figures. The figures, which were celebrated with great pomp by Laporta, sang the Barsia anthem, jumped into the arms of his relatives, and, before parting with the champagne, all smiled. He also received compliments from Font and Freaksa.

Messi came to vote, first

If left for many “socios” (shareholder supporters), the person who started the era “Great Barcia”, Guardiola, JV, Iniesta, Messi and with twelve titles in his pocket, Laporta is facing a massive reconstruction project. The first hot file is about Messi’s future. 33-year-old Argentina, He wanted to travel last summer before changing his mind, Nothing decided yet … but Officially free to discuss his departure to another club From 1Is January. “Pulga” (chip, in Spanish) came to deposit in the ballot box with her son Thiago on Sunday morning: the great first to the Argentine legend, who had never spoken before during his club’s presidential ballot.

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“Exactly twenty years ago today, a certain Messi Barసిa started with youngsters. And he came to vote today which means he loves Leo Barca. Above all, we are going to convince him to stay. Applause for Messi! “, LaPorte opened his first speech as president on Sunday evening after midnight.

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The second big project will be financial: with over ఒక 1 billion in long-term debt, and 7 730.6 million by the end of June, Laporta will have to negotiate with creditors in stages … and the clock room to cut wages.

Other files are accumulating: Delay in restoring Camp Nou, which was supposed to start in 2017, but started; Or the sports crisis and the lack of results, Barసిa have not won anything since April 2019 and will go to the Paris-SG field on Wednesday the 8thIs Champions League Final Second Leg, After a severe 4-1 defeat in the first leg.

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“To go back to Paris!” “

But Laporta will launch its new command with a very strong support base. This election saw 55,611 votes (including 20,663 by mail) in the 110,290 voting age (50.42% turnout), a few hundred more votes than the election record. 2010 Presidential Election (57,088 votes).

“The high participation surprised me, given the mobility difficulties between the provinces. It was not that easy [d’organiser cela], But we are satisfied with how it happened. “Carles Tuskets, head of the Transitional Management Commission, which is responsible for holding elections postponed from January to March due to the epidemic.

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The first team (Sergio Busquets, Riqui Puig) and the club’s giants (Eric Abidol, Carles Puyol, Luis Enrique) also came to vote … and former President Joseph Maria Bartomeu was also arrested, the judge heard, then released between Monday and Tuesday «Barchagate, Slander campaign targeting club people.

In place of Bartomeu, Laporta Barcia now becomes the architect of the Renaissance. And he opened his new page on Sunday evening: “We’re going to Paris to go back!” “

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