March 24, 2023

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Which pregnant women should be vaccinated?

Which pregnant women should be vaccinated?

Of all pregnant women in France, about 550,000 have not yet been vaccinated Kovid-19. True, not all people are eligible for this treatment, which may surprise some of these expectant mothers and their doctors. Because as the Academy of Medicine recalls, there is no objection to the administration of the vaccine during pregnancy, with the exception of live or attenuated vaccines, which is not like that.

Very little data on pregnant women

However, at this stage, health officials recommend giving the injection only to certain pregnant women, such as those with heart problems, respiratory problems, esophagitis or living in late pregnancy. This choice is explained by the lack of data on the effects of the vaccine on this particular population.

“These vaccines, although not contraindicated in pregnant women, have not been studied on a large scale in this population,” explained Liz Holter, director of medical evaluation at the High Authority of Health. Therefore, if stage 3 clinical data are present in pregnant women, we can establish broad recommendations. At this time, vaccination of pregnant women is not contraindicated, but it is advisable to make a case-wise decision. “

During this time, expectant mothers are invited to consult their doctor or midwife. And if they need to be vaccinated, it will be with the messenger RNA vaccine because it has a lower risk of catching the flu.

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