May 20, 2022

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Decire: Finally Serious | The Journal of Montreal

Decire: Finally Serious |  The Journal of Montreal

Some T-Couns posted horrific comments on social media about boxing.

But I was amazed at the tone and intelligence of so many speeches after the deadly defeat of Mary-Ow Desire. Quebec enthusiasts understand that Mary-Eve was swept away by an infinitely greater champion than she was.

But Quebec fans understand that Claressa Shields is the best boxer in the world. All categories. In other words, you may be very good, you may be a champion in a professional federation, but that does not mean you are the best in the world.

We know that. All this is good.

Pascal example

Take Jean Pascal. He is a regular champion in the WBA. But is Jean Pascal the best in the world in light heavyweight? If you choose Arthur Betterbeav, you have a good chance of getting it right. Does that mean Jean Pascal is a cauldron, not at all and you understand it.

So Mary-Ov Desire went to scrap in Flint, Michigan. But she resisted until the end, she stood up and ended the fight. And behaved respectfully.

The behind-the-scenes game of professional boxing unfolds. Claressa Shields will undoubtedly come back from the split. At least one world champion title is likely to emerge. We know for sure that Mary-Ov Desire is not the best 154 books in the world. Everyone will find out. Yvonne finds a confederation to give a chance to a talented promoter like Michel. It is written in the sky.

First, there are no good boxers at 154 pounds. There is no way for women’s boxing to lose Mary-Eve Desire. Second, if Mary-Ov is not number one, she has a very good chance of finishing 2nd.

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Jean Pascal is undoubtedly 3rd than Arthur Betterbeev and Dmitry Biol. Worse, having four professional federations is still not their fault …

Champion fights

The contemptuous comment stated that the Cubecois boxers were skillfully “mounted”, but that they should knock them down as soon as they encountered the best in the world.

First, to deal with the best in the world, you have to have a chance to beat the best. Otherwise, TV networks would not have invested millions in the fight between Riota Murata and Steven Butler in Japan.

The damage to Murata did not damage Butler’s international reputation, it was against Jose Macias in Mexico.

In addition, Eric Lucas, Adrian Diecon, Jean Pascal, Lucian Butte, Adonis Stevenson, David Lemieux and Elider Alvarez are the world champions in their federation. They won, they lost, but they were part of the cream on top. Others like Butler or Kevin Bizier failed to give a shot on the title.

I repeat: is it worse?

Should you spit on them because they lost to Riota Murata, Kell Brook or Jennadi Golovkin?

Yes yes, you are the best fucker in the world, everyone knows this …

Dangerous fight

I want to write with all the respect in the world. There have been great fights like the Mary-Ow Desire against the Clarissa Shields and there are fights that seem very dangerous to me.

Oscar Rivas’ last fight with Dillian White in London was one of those great fights. In fact, Rivas has won over Canadians over 1.5 million for his efforts.

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This time, above the pool at the plaza in Quebec, Oscar Rivas confronts Silvera Luis of Montreal. It’s five years, five years !!! Silvera did not fight. We do not hesitate sometimes to hand him over Sparring He was very fragile.

Silvera Luis lost to Rivas nine years ago, but Rivas has since climbed to the top 5 in his division. Olympian and mountain of ruptured muscles.

Michelle Hamelin is now retired. So someone else at Reggie des Alcals, des Courses and des Juke endorsed this fight.

It should be two or three rounds. If all goes well, Silvera will rise after 10 counts.

And the officer who approved of the fight would easily suck he.