July 4, 2022

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Gaming to lead women towards scientific studies?

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By Bianca Walter, Business Manager at HyperX

47% of French gamers are actually gamers[1], Still has a long way to go before gaming, and other categories that are considered masculine are no longer a cause for bias. This, again, is related to the study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM): according to a recent UNESCO study, Women still make up 28% of engineering graduates, and only 40% of computer science graduates.

Photo: Dreamhawk Tours – Team Property – (c) AFJV

Empowering girls and women to pursue STEM studies and careers is now imperative. What if playing video games helps? జ Study conducted by Dr. Anesa Hossin, From the UK University of Surrey, found that playing video games in 13-14 year old girls often leads to STEM studies. The “Huge gamers“(Those who practice this activity at least nine hours a week) are actually three times more inclined to do this kind of study.

Game, a very powerful educational tool

Although there is still a lot of opposition from teachers to incorporating video games into their educational program, the value of using video game instruction is no longer proven. For example, Geckoman, A game developed by Northeastern University researchers, teaches the basics of nanotechnology to college students. Children cannot move from one level to another without learning certain principles. They have fun and learn at all levels.

Of course, video games will never replace traditional learning, but, if used wisely, they can become a particularly interesting complementary method. From elementary school to middle school, students can begin STEM education while teaching skills such as video games analytical thinking, multi-tasking, strategy development, problem solving, and teamwork before choosing a particular focus.

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Encouraging gamers in their practice encourages them to increase interest in STEM. According to Dr. Anesa Hossain, educators who want to interest more students in the world of mathematics, science and technology must be logical. “Target gamers, because they may already have a natural interest in these things.“This will not only increase the number of women in STEM, but also change the world of video games.