December 4, 2022

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Crown: in treatment | The Journal of Montreal

Crown: in treatment |  The Journal of Montreal

Thank you, Meghan and Harry, because thank you, this Sunday evening, we have a pandemic holiday.

What a pleasure to attend the special episode of Crown In the family therapy version.

Wash in a gentle cycle.

In the enchanting backdrop, in the highlands of Montecito, California, we find Oprah, who was recently in short supply. As a therapist, she encountered Meghan Markle, who was dressed in pretty black. Outfit, makeup, hairstyle, she is perfect! Lucky, no mask or soft linen!

How comforting it is for God to see that we are not alone in dealing with a dysfunctional family!


Poor little, she did not know what to expect when entering the royal family.

Hey, has she read anything on this subject? Isn’t that one of the many works on Windsors? Not even a little bit of Wikipedia summary? And the story of his darling mother Diana, didn’t it ring the bell?

The hardest adaptation.

She finds the least of her gestures to look at, analyze, observe and comment on, which becomes meat in her tabloids and magazines. She does not know! She realizes that she is doomed to live in low-light palaces where too much moisture freezes in the winter. She can only perish from the boredom between porcelain, lace and English tapestries. And then, let’s be clear, the whole family and staff look as funny as crutches!

Plus, they are racist!

But we were quickly reassured that it was not the Queen who made inappropriate comments about Baby Archie’s skin color.

Darling, we know this is not Elizabeth!

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She has been doing this for almost 70 years, didn’t she think every word was her weight?

How many Prime Ministers did she see in March Past?

How many crises has she handled? His sister Margaret, Charles and Camilla, then Charles and Diana, Andrew and Sarah, and we do with Camilla and Charles again and finally, Andrew with his best friend Jeffrey Epstein? Finally, the likes of Harry and Meghan …

Honestly? His Majesty his world will disappear and the end of his reign is approaching …

She knew the power of inertia.

How pity

The palace split from a press release and in Buckingham, between gin-tonic and High tea, She waits for it to pass …

Having said that, I really liked the episode. Beautiful and wealthy people live in a luxurious setting in a dreamy environment, which is very Hollywood.

Didn’t you think they should be perfectly happy?