May 27, 2023

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T-Coons Reading Enemies

T-Coons Reading Enemies

Franకోois Legalt, as we know, likes to talk about his readings.

On social networks, he comments on them and delivers them to those who follow him. It also happens, I was told, but I can’t believe it, it creates storms.

However, on Saturday, on Twitter and Facebook, he admitted some thoughts about Pierre Berthelot’s amazing work, Duplessis is still alive.


However, this is not the particular book we need to talk about today, but many people, every time he talks about a book, criticize him for taking the time to read! He indicated that he would testify in this way to his indifference to Quebec.

Now a year on, the criticism has become more intense: how can he dare to read the pandemic? I bowl every time.

Reading as a secondary activity, as a minimalist hobby, does not allow us to improve our understanding of the world and society at stake through books.

Reading a political essay, a history book, a novel, a biography does not deepen our knowledge of human nature and the reality of societies.

This reaction includes traces of old Quebec cultural atavism, reminiscent of our old cultural misery, of conquered people, long illiterate, foreign to its own culture.


Reading is a snowflake hobby, a rich pastime and not a key activity to the mind.

The best part of Quebec is revealed this way. This is his t-coon side.

I am one of those who believe that Quebecars must come to reading and that they must assign a leading place in their lives.

I do not see how we can blame Francois Legalt for contributing in his own way to this reconciliation.

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