May 17, 2022

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Tramway: Cap-Rouge Environment Minister calls on Minister Gilbolt

Tramway: Cap-Rouge Environment Minister calls on Minister Gilbolt

The Cap-Rouge Environment Council is directly calling on the Deputy Prime Minister and Member of Parliament Genevieve Gilbolt to “protect the west side of the tramway”.

The open letter was unveiled Monday morning and signed by its president, Louis Martin, The non-profit organization emphasizes “many direct and indirect positive effects of this project for the citizens of the district” and requests a meeting with Mrs. Gilbolt.

The Le Gendre Terminus, located in the Chowder sector, was initially “considered by the District Council (CDQ) to have an unparalleled appeal to encourage the use of tramways and public transport from the West. Casual”.

Election promise

In addition, the completion of Quote Mendel, which is supposed to connect the Chowdhury sector with Point-de-Saint-Phoebe, is essential to “opening up this suburban neighborhood around the roads,” Mr. Martin said.

The latter recalled that this demand had already been in place for many years and was part of Louis-Hebert MP Genevieve Gilbolt’s 2017 election commitments.

Explaining the “lack of public transportation” in the neighborhood, the company reiterates that Cap-Rouge’s students and workers have been waiting a long time for improvement in service and that some of them will have to leave their neighbors. , Of course, this share.

On Monday, Minister Gilbolt’s office indicated it would not respond to her letter.

Two weeks ago, Mayor Laboum revealed that the Legalt government wanted to cut several sections of the tram route, including Le Gendre.

Other arguments

In his letter, CDQ uses other arguments to convince the minister of the importance of the route to the West.

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The company emphasized that the Le Gendre sector was currently made up of many vacant spaces, and that development had “stopped” after the arrival of two supermarkets (IKEA and Decathlon).

“This territory is currently characterized by facilities that are not very friendly to pedestrians and cyclists, given the infrastructure dedicated to automobiles (access ramps, lack of surface parking, sidewalks)”, we regret.

“Infrastructure of the Structuring Network […] Currently, encroachment on tree areas is causing some wetlands to be lost, ”however, CDC said, adding that” these environmental impacts will largely be offset by increased public transport and the development of residual forested areas. ”