May 18, 2022

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What if Mark Bergewin’s plan works?

What if Mark Bergewin's plan works?

There is always a plan that is perfect on paper. However, its implementation is seldom reliable. This is especially true on construction sites.

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This applies to Tillybert’s retractable roof. This is true in boxing where the plan is awesome until you get the first punch on the face.

Mark Bergwin has a specific plan for this season. Adhere to tight epidemic budgets and use the reluctance of his enemy brethren who are general managers. Fill in the gaps in its setting, creating a delightful mix of young and old. Add the Stanley Cup winners to their locker room.

Channel landed

The plan worked in the first 10 games, topping the list with 16 ranking points. Then, the channel went down.

Victor Meat’s agent dropped a mud, his client trained for the next match. The Kulak-Romanov pair split.

At the same time, the Train box The end of the offensive break sounded, announcing a return to low-scoring games, telling us that Colette was going through the same snow.

Resistance was noted. Without prior decision, the attackers retreated low, with defenders who did not conform to this profile waiting to be served. The Canadians have neither Quinn Hughes nor Kale Maker.

Then the number one goalie lost his bearings and a month later he appeared as the Hellebook-Brosite pair on Saturday.

All this is the way

Bad luck is good, the proverb suggests. The 180-degree turn caused by Mark Bergewin is the turning point of this crucial season. The boss did not like what he saw. Assures the observer that I am and have not experienced much pleasure in watching this team.

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Boss Claude fired Julian and Kirk Mల్లller. An improved candidate, Dominic Ducharm, was hired on a temporary basis and Alex Burrows was promoted from the reserve team.

I do not care about CH’s record from these changes. All this is the way. Montreal still have an excellent record in Game 15 this season, but it is clear that the train has derailed from the way the team is playing.

The fun came back

Since Ducharm’s appointment, CH has had two wins and three setbacks, but structure and fun have returned. The Canadian was not as good as his 7-1 laundry on Saturday night, but his 6-3 loss nine days before the same jets was not so bad.

Mark Bergewin breathes the suff of the current campaign. To the eye, Montreal can be seen stretching and struggling to cope in 7 of 4 in the playoffs. If Carrie burned her red leggings.

Sharks are at risk of biting salt water. Geoff Molson seems to have no choice but to give his CEO a new contract. Doing so quickly rather than later strengthens the short-term plan.

This prevents noise from spreading like a bad perception, which often becomes a miserable reality.