May 17, 2022

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Black and Liberals are still trying to isolate the Conservatives

Black and Liberals are still trying to isolate the Conservatives

(Ottawa) For the second time this week, Black and Liberal forces have joined parliament to separate the Conservatives.

Lena Dib
The Canadian Press

On Wednesday, supply management was used as an excuse.

During Question Hour on Wednesday afternoon, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the government would vote in favor of a black bill seeking that future trade agreements should not affect the management of the economy.

“Our government is openly committed not to give further concessions on future trade deals,” Trudeau said before attacking Erin O’Toole’s forces.

“It would be good if the Conservatives also support supply management,” he said.

At the time of the vote, 80 Conservatives opposed C-216; Among them, their leader is Erin O Tool.

About 30 Conservatives, including all elected officials from Quebec, supported the black bill.

The other three parties voted in favor of the initiative in the second reading. C-216 will therefore be studied in committee.

When asked to explain Mr. O’Toole and his own 79 votes, the Conservative leader’s spokesman assured by email that his party as a whole was “for supply management protection”.

“Putting our cards on the table before starting any trade deal is irresponsible and suggests that some industries will be protected, while others will not,” Axel Reox wrote.

The block member who submitted the bill defended its use at a press conference Wednesday morning.

“Great Britain wants to export more cheese,” Yves Peron underlined. “I assure you there are going to be demands on this. Then there’s Mercosur. […] When you work in Parliament, you try to predict the future. […] I tell you, there will be others, there will be requests, ”he stressed.

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In the Commons, in the afternoon, Mr. Perron stressed that his policy had received unanimous support from the National Assembly the same day.

“It simply came to our notice then […] It calls on the Government of Canada to fully protect the supply chain model in the framework of future international agreements. ”

Final discussion on medical assistance in dying

On Tuesday, blacks and liberals rallied around a bill on medical aid in death, for which the government introduced a closure resolution.

The Conservatives have promised to extend the debate on Bill C-7 and have now been prevented from doing so. The closing motion will have the support of block members and will therefore end the debate on Thursday.

C-7 then returns to the Senate and can be received in a timely manner by the March 26 deadline, with senators approving a version of the text drafted by elected officials.

The Quebec Superior Court gave the federal government a fourth and final delay before applying the Truchen decision, which invalidated the notion of “reasonably foreshadowed death” enshrined in the First Law on Medical Assistance in Death.