December 8, 2023

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Does Weber still have a place with Team Canada?

Does Weber still have a place with Team Canada?

Will Shia Weber earn his place with Team Canada at the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games?

It’s too early to tell, but Wednesday’s show was the subject of much discussion in JiC’s “The Recruits” section.

Weber will be talking more about this topic as the season begins with the Montreal Canadians this year.

Journalist Nicholas Cloutier, nicknamed the “Mountain Man”, showed his colors by defending Mike Babcock’s candidacy.

“Legendary coach Herb Brooks said,‘ I don’t want the best players, I want the right players to win, ’he explained. With or without Weber, Canada is virtually guaranteed to be the most talented team of the tournament.

“So Weber, the pillar of Team Canada, brings another dimension with his presence, leadership and his defensive play.

“I would add that Team Canada has often relied on stability over the years and the balance between left-handed and right-handed defenders. Blueprint Team Canada, but Anthony Martino looks good, he really …

The last comment shook the other debate.

«[J’en ai] Well, Martino said tight for Tat. I made an appointment with an optometrist because there’s something I missed … at what point do you think Weber would do a better job than McCarthy, Hamilton, Ecblad and Doutie, on the right side of the Canadian defense? ”

Martino emphasized Weber’s apparent slowness when questioned about the importance of his brightness in the locker room.

“When Weber is up against the nimble and fastest players this year, he looks bad. […] Unfortunately, Nick, with such players, is just like in the Olympics. From this time on, leadership, I’m sorry, but you have Crosby, McKinnon and Bergeron on your team. Coming to the meeting on time is the same as leadership! ”

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Jean-Charles Lazoi then brought up an embarrassment and intervened in the discussion.

“If we were in the Olympic-sized snow, I think Shia would have no business there, but not everyone. If we were playing on North American-sized snow, could we consider his candidacy with spanking in the taxi and spanking on the bench? I mean, the seventh defender as an insurance policy?”

Weber: The real decline?

Returning to the attack, Cloutier decided to explain his point of view and how far he had corrected his colleague.

“My colleague here has always appreciated the importance of Weber’s well-known presence. Doddard played with Vlasic and they formed a formidable defensive duo. ”

“In 2016! 2016 ”, then recalled Martino.

“Yes, because you think Weber is done, to answer and to see Cloutier‌. Every year we have this conversation and when I tell you about the recession you think Weber is declining. “

Weber and other candidates

The difficulty with Weber’s selection in Martino’s view is that there are better candidates than him. Also, number 6 does not show the profile of an advanced defender.

“I spoke with a friend who works for the Academy St. Louis in the Quebec City area. He told me: “Now in 2021 we see three points in the Defender: head, feet, arms.” Currently, Weber has a 33% profit margin and is at the forefront. Reactions of the hands and feet, he no longer had them. In terms of these successes are Peter Rangelo, McCarthy, Eckbold and Doty Weber behind? Certainly not.

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“And I’m back to the famous leadership position, this team is full of leadership. Weber is not a good first pass man and unfortunately you have four top lines with Team Canada so you need 12 guys to puck. It’s good with puck in the bay window, eh this is a lot for these guys It’s fun! ”

Jean-Charles then suffices to analyze the portrait amount.

“With perfect health, we consider being in Pitrange,” he said. I think Doty is going a little scared, but Makar should definitely be there because he’s going to be there. ”

This leaves Weber with a spot as the seventh defender …

“And Ekblad, the first scorer for defenders this year? No? What about our friend Dougie Hamilton?” Said Martino.

“Anyway, Weber is not in the top three, for sure,” GIC said.

Cloutier took the ball, pointing out that Weber was the right player for the reserve role.

“If you want a loyal seventh defenseman to make others believe, you know what to expect from Shia Weber.”

Martino believes his turn suggests Jared Spurgeon is a good choice.

“He’s 31 and he’s a lot more mobile than Shia Weber. If you want someone who can make a good first pass, a Stay at home Weber, and like the right hand, take Spurgeon. “

Arguments that do not convince Cloutier to value Weber’s physical abilities and experience.

“You want your seventh defenseman to play shorthand and you know you’re going to get every game from Shia Weber, so there’s some security, some credibility. Team Canada’s decision makers have relied on stability for years. Do you think there is a formula? ”

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Satisfied with the arguments of both sides, Jean-Charles did not want any winner to be crowned. He apparently threw the ball into the court of spectators …

See the entire “Rookies” section of the video above.

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