March 21, 2023

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Haiti | Due to the complexity and lack of guards there is a possibility of escaping the murderous prison

Haiti |  Due to the complexity and lack of guards there is a possibility of escaping the murderous prison

(Port — Prince) The escape of more than 400 prisoners in Haiti in late February was made possible by the lack of monitors and some complexity, the human rights organization on Wednesday condemned in an investigation into the incident. At least 25 people were killed.

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“There are six police officers inside the prison, supervising 1,535 inmates and the general supervisor while the inmates are entertained,” the Haitian Foundation J. Clare report published on Wednesday explained.

For the Croix-des-Bouquets prison on the outskirts of the capital Port — Prince, “considering UN standards, there must be at least 385 officers for the safety of prisoners.” Mary-Yolin Gilles, Company Director.

Due to this understaff, two of the six watch towers and the Croix-des-Bouquets prison control tower were not on duty when the riots began on the premises, the report said.

During the broad daylight on February 25, more than 400 inmates escaped from a prison jail on the outskirts of the capital without any resistance from staff.

“Twenty-five people were killed, including six inmates and the divisional inspector in charge of the prison, Paul Hector Joseph,” said the Secretary of State for Communications the day after the escape. I listed Claire 26 deaths.

Prison number two reported to AFP M that “inmates who were bathing that day were attacked and he threw his bunch of keys to the ground on the premises”To me Gilles.

The agency also denounced the complexity of prison officials in the escape upstream, stressing that “prohibited items can be found inside the prison” and “many phones”, including firearms.

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Several days before the incident, the prison’s internal radio communication system was also damaged.

“Until now, the officers on duty on February 25 are still working in the same jail. They are in the system without investigation, ”said Mary-Yolin Gilles.

Nearly two weeks after the incident, the number of prisoners fleeing has not yet been determined, as neither a digital call nor a cell search of the prisoners has taken place.

“To date, no investigation notice has been published against these individuals,” Mary-Yolin Gilles warned.

In its report published on Wednesday, the JClay organization reported that police had captured 59 prisoners, while government officials announced the day before that 87 had been arrested by police.