July 7, 2022

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Pierce Morgan leaves after Meghan complains

Pierce Morgan leaves after Meghan complains

The PA news agency reported Wednesday that Meghan Markle had complained to British channel ETV about allegations that her star presenter Pierce Morgan had lied before announcing the departure of this serious critic on Prince Harry’s wife.

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On Monday, after the couple aired an excerpt from the interview, Meghan talked about her suicidal thoughts and complained that she had received no help from the royal family, after the Morning Show’s Good Morning Britain was violently taken to the Duchess questioning his words in Sussex.

“I’m sorry, I don’t believe what she says,” he said. “I wouldn’t trust her if she read me the weather report.”

According to the PA, the Duchess of Sussex’s complaint about the comments did not blame them for the personal attacks, but on how they generally harm people with mental health issues.

Pierce Morgan’s statements were criticized by the Mental Health Advocacy Association Mind.

British regulator Ofcom announced on Tuesday that it had launched an investigation into more than 41,000 complaints about the show.

The Duchess, against some politicians or “awakened”, wanted to know about the oppression suffered by minorities, and the channel announced the departure of the presenter, who was known for his extreme expectations.

The Telegraph reported that Pierce Morgan was asked by ETV officials to apologize to the Duchess in Tuesday’s broadcast, but he refused.

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Reiterating his doubts at the show on Tuesday, co-host Alex Beresford accused Meghan of “continuing to knock down”, leaving Pierce Morgan set with a crash.

On Wednesday, the presenter, who is known for quitting the tabloid executive following a scandal and participating in CNN and America’s Got Talent competition, told reporters he “believes in free speech” and vowed to “make a comeback” in another medium.

In the case of Meghan, he reiterated that he did not believe in “anything that came out of her mouth” and denied the “enormous” damage she had done to the monarchy during the time of Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip, 99. , Is in the hospital.