May 25, 2022

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Number one: Dice and web spell gaming share their survival in the final day of competition

NumberOne : The Dice et webSPELL Gaming joueront leur survie dans la compétition lors de la dernière journée

The group stage of the first “Legend Stage” of this second season of Number One is about to face off. This is the last day of play on Thursday evening, with more teams having no other stake than to improve their seeded numbers for the rest of the tournament.

With the young team Xenon already mathematically eliminated from the competition, The Dice and WebSpelling Gaming are the only teams not to make it to the playoffs.

The chance of the calendar is that these two structures will face each other on the final day of the decisive match: the winner will continue the adventure, the loser will be eliminated from this “legend stage” and will have to go through a long qualifying process again to try to put it back in the next edition.

But first let’s look at the results of this sixth day of the championship:

The first meeting was the winner of three editions of “Legend Stage” last season and in bad condition this year, against The Dice against Bruggs’ club. Success is essential for the French structure to remain controversial in the playoffs race, how to realize the importance of the next stake and how Nuke Wis-a-Wis “knows how to impose 16 to 12 on Blaw & Jwart.”

Ambush Sport and WebSpelling Gaming later split back into Inferno, qualifying for the first and continuing to advance to the playoffs for the second.

The final match of the evening could lead the new interim leader to the top of the temporary standings. Clutch Rain Sport, in case of victory, can overtake their evening rival (GROND) and thus occupy the first place in the group. But the logic of the classification was finally honored and GROND was able to record its fourth consecutive victory in this “Legend Stage”.

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This sixth day of the championship ended with Xenon losing and eliminating Project X (6-16 over Inferno).

As we said, Xenon can no longer hold one of the six places to qualify for the playoffs and therefore can already watch the rest of its season. Above, WebSpelling Gaming and The Dice must be given all night tomorrow to win, synonymous with qualifying for the rest of the competition.

Previously, it was the seed number that put the remaining five teams at risk, already guaranteed to take part in the final playoffs! Note that GROND and Project X, thanks to their first and second place, have already qualified for the semi-finals of the Championship!

This Thursday, from 7:00 p.m. chaîne Twitch Of the competition to follow the discourse of this first stage of the “Legend Stage”.