April 2, 2023

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Structuring Network: “Everyone works very hard,” Lobim said after meeting Bonnardell.

Structuring Network: "Everyone works very hard," Lobim said after meeting Bonnardell.

Within three weeks of giving the bottom line of his thinking, the Quebec mayor spoke very little about his exchange with the government about the tram on Thursday afternoon.

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At the end of an hour-and-a-half meeting with Ministers Franకోois Bonnardell and Genevieve Gilbolt, Regis LaBeoum did not disclose the content of his latest talks.

“I do not comment. I can tell you that everyone works very hard, ”Mr. Labem said as he left the building on the Rene-Lowesque Boulevard, which houses the offices of the Ministry of Transport.

When asked if he was satisfied with the exchanges, he said he was unwilling to “qualify” for the meeting.

“Positive Encounter”

Mr Bonnardell expressed his optimism by pointing out that a “positive meeting” had taken place with his mayor and his colleague the Deputy Prime Minister in a tweet on Twitter.

“We have submitted our proposal to the city, which has also submitted it to us. We are continuing our work,” the transport minister said.

The meeting should logically allow Prime Minister Franois Legalt to conduct an interview soon, the mayor requested in the week of February 22 to resolve the stalemate.

Mr Legalt quickly accepted the invitation, and the mayor first saw his transport minister.

In his mind, Mr. LaBeouf reiterated earlier this week that a meeting with the Prime Minister was coming up.

Conflicts between the city and government centers at the end of the mega project.

At a lengthy press conference on February 22, the mayor alleged that the government had changed its mind to propose a new version of Tram, which practically halved the proposed route.


Mr Labim reiterated on Wednesday that he loved the Le Gendre sector in the west. He said the call for proposals should come back to the charge with a “logical” compromise that would allow for a quick start.

According to information from Radio-Canada, this new proposal from the Labyrinth administration will halt the route of the part planned on 1Back Avenue in Limoi.

The tram runs from Le Gendre Terminus in the west to Saint-Roche Pole, where it goes east of De Estimoville, except Charlesburg.

Previously, Quebec City had already said it was ready to see the tram stop at 41E Street in Lyre.

Contacted by Newspaper, Franయర్ois Moisన్n, the press secretary of the Mayor LaBeouf, did not wish to confirm or comment on this information.

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