May 23, 2022

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The British royal family assured Prince William that it was “not racist”

The British royal family assured Prince William that it was "not racist"

Prince William on Thursday defended the British royal family over allegations of racism made by his brother Harry and his wife Meghan on American television, which plunged the monarchy into a deep crisis.

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The Duke of Cambridge, who was second in line to the throne when visiting a school in East London, said, “We are not a racist family at all.

He clarified that he had not spoken to his brother since the blast interview aired on Sunday, but planned to do so.

When asked by star Oprah Winfrey, Harry and Meghan described their separation from the royal family and their deportation to California.

The 39-year-old Mattis actress and her 36-year-old husband, who are sixth in a row from the throne, have argued about media pressure, racism and a lack of support from the royal family to justify leaving the throne. Monarchy.

Above all, without words Oprah Winfrey, Harry and Meghan reported conversations from an unnamed member of the royal family about what skin color their 22-month-old son Archie had before his birth.

Who made these statements that fueled the Black Lives Matter protests last year and sparked a heated debate in the UK.

Treatment “in private”

Prince William was the first member of the family to speak openly on the subject.

When asked about the interview during a visit to a vaccination center on Tuesday, Prince Charles liked to be quiet and responded with a small laugh.

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Queen Elizabeth II, who was brought in to repair the broken pieces, responded in a statement from Buckingham Palace on Tuesday evening, saying it was “sad to know how hard it has been over the past few years” for the couple.

The Queen said she would take the racist allegations started by Meghan and Harry “very seriously”. But she vowed to see them “privately” and insisted that “memories may change”, showing that she did not take these statements at face value.

In an acknowledgment of the explosion that saw 17 million Americans and 11 million viewers in the United Kingdom, the Duke of Sussex, the sixth heir to the throne, was described as a prisoner from his father Charles and his brother William.

These beliefs were shaken by the British monarchy, which faced its deadliest crisis after the death of Lady Diana in 1997.

The interview also divided the British, with the youngest of the 30 who left for California giving strong support and reviving the debate on racism.

Prince Harry accused magazines, especially the tabloids, of “sectarianism”, which provoked strong opposition from the Society of Editors, which represents journalists.

Assuring that the press was sectarian or racist, its managing director resigned, causing a flood of anti-evidence on social networks, journalists saw this sectarianism at work and stressed the lack of racial diversity in the media.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused to attend, except for a salute to the “unified character” of Elizabeth II, who ruled over the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, a group of 54 nations inherited from the British colonial empire, most of whom were non-white, with a population of 4 billion.

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