July 6, 2022

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The death of the Queen will lead to a general election

The death of the Queen will lead to a general election

In the event of the death or retirement of Queen Elizabeth II, the Legalt government seeks to pass a law to prevent Quebec from holding early general elections.

This is absurd, this scenario is really acceptable in the context of the current law on the National Assembly.

If the 94-year-old Queen of England gives her last breath or gives her seat on the throne to Prince Charles, Parliament may be dissolved, early general elections and aides sworn in.

Even today in our institutions, it leads to the death of the sovereign or the retirement, officially the head of state.

“It’s an accident, but it’s a real accident,” said Patrick Tylan, a professor of constitutional law at Laval University.

Quebec decided not to do anything, thus opening the door to laws that would be subject to legal challenges in the courts after the end of Elizabeth II’s reign. But Minister Sonia chose the label law. The bill is expected to be introduced Thursday to address the breach.

After the Silent Revolution, the symbols of the monarchy and the queen’s references were gradually replaced in our laws. In 1982, the then government deleted an article in the law honoring the National Assembly, stating that “no legislature in this province can be dissolved by sovereign death.” At the time, no one thought about the dangers of this change.

“It remains a dead letter, because as long as there is no change of king or queen, she is constantly there, no one sees the problem. But there, she will be 95 years old,” Tylan, a constitutional expert, stressed.

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Get out of the monarchy

For those with PQ and solidarity, this is the perfect opportunity to step out of the monarchy, as the Quebeckers want the majority.

“We will wait to see the bill. As long as we have the edict on the monarchy, let us agree with the popular tone of PQ’s request to abolish the monarchy, rather than find another artifact to be once again in the company that brings us. It costs and costs us tens of millions of dollars every year, ”PQ leader Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon underlined.

Solidarity MP Sol Janetti also believes it is time to act. “As long as we go and play on the constitutional aspects of our relationship with the monarchy, as long as we consider the legacy of the throne, we can also take the opportunity to free ourselves from it,” he said.

But the CAQ government has recently made it clear that it is unwilling to take part in the process of dismantling the monarchy in the current context of the epidemic.