November 27, 2022

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We need to save the private Jolin-Barrett

We need to save the private Jolin-Barrett

To defend French as a vernacular in Quebec, CAQ’s de Artagnan, Simon Jolin-Barrett, often fights alone, ending up alone, against the federalist Hydra. None of his colleague-musketeer from his pseudo-nationalist party would like to pull the sword out of the scabbard.

Recently, a Quebec court chief justice insisted on imposing mandatory English proficiency for judges in order to honor the sacred right to conduct a trial in English, which should give priority to having French for the language. “That’s not it!», Simon Jolin-Barrett told him.

Where are Pierre FitzGibbon, Nathalie Roy, Caroline Prouls, Franకోois Bonnardell and Daniel McCann to support their younger brother who is struggling like a fish in a bowl?

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With its initial boldness in the secularist file, Franకోois Legalt knew that the government, on the one hand, should ban religious symbols from state representatives during their service and, on the other hand, remove the famous cross. We are told that the CAQ regime understands that reasonable, popular and necessary causes will always outweigh the chatter and empty threats of multiculturalism; Ignore them to move forward.

However, in the language file, this courage is gone … except at Simon Jolin-Barrett!


Do you think bilingual judges are needed in British Columbia or Saskatchewan? Not at all. If a francophone is brought for justice, he may request the services of an interpreter. It should be in Quebec … and it is not a completely absurd obligation for Quebec judges to master English to perfection! At this point, Jolin-Barrett is a thousand times correct!

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I ask myself: is this fiery minister still in his place in the CAQ, which remains a passive spectator in his struggle? One for everyone and … does everyone cross their arms?