June 6, 2023

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Endocrine Disruptors: Concerns about new toxins in baby bottles

Endocrine Disruptors: Concerns about new toxins in baby bottles

On Tuesday, March 9, ANSES recommended that bisphenol A be identified as the “most worrying substance” in the European Reach classification. The French health agency estimates that this chemical compound, which is actually used to make baby bottles, has similar properties to bisphenol A.

National Institutes of Health (Answers) warned this Tuesday, March 9th Accidents of Bisphenol B., Especially used Manufacture of Baby Bottles. The company has suggested on its website to categorize this material into categories. “Very worryingOf the European Reach classification (SVHC). It considers that bisphenol A has similar properties. Bisphenol A, marked as a Endocrine Destroyer.

“Adverse effects” on the male reproductive system

In its warning, ANSES indicated that the endocrine properties of bisphenol B were “slightly more pronounced” than bisphenol A. The latter is already considered Very concerned for the health authorities of the European Union. The French agency based its conclusions on “available scientific data”.

According to ANSES, bisphenol B for example can cause harmful effects by changing The male reproductive systemReducing the daily production of sperm “exclusively”. “It simply came to our notice then Estrogen production, Female hormones.

Endocrine Disruptors – Today we propose to add bisphenol B to the list of most worrying substances according to the Reach Regulation.

Objective: To prevent bisphenol A in place of bisphenol A.

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– Answers (ansAnses_fr) March 9, 2021

Serious effects on human health

“Bisphenol B can lead to serious impacts on human health and alter species stability in the environment”, warns ANSES By recommending the classification of the substance in the SVHC class, the health organization hopes Limit its use, Especially instead of bisphenol A.

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On the other hand, a product of this category of material with a ration of more than 0.1% is bound to the manufacturer Let the customer know. As a reminder, Bisphenol A has been banned from manufacturing baby bottles in Europe since 2011.