July 3, 2022

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Goodbye Idiots is the big winner of the 46th Caesars

Goodbye Idiots is the big winner of the 46th Caesars

(Paris) Caesars Friday crowned King of Albert Dupontel with acidic and absurd humor Farewell idiots, At the end of an evening marked by cries of suffering and a desire to celebrate diversity from the cultural sphere.

Franకోois Becker
France Media Agency

Total Seven Trophies: First-time winner Albert Dupontel, 57, Best Picture, Biggest Winner of 46E Celebration, in the wake of an epidemic.

The comedy, made by an actor and director who stood out due to his absence from the Olympics on Friday night, won Caesar for Best Director, Best Supporting Man (Nicholas Marik) and a selection of high school students.

The big disappointment of the evening was probably Emmanuel Mourett who started as a favorite with 13 crores The things we say, the things we do And Franయిois Ozone (Summer 85), Naming and leaving… empty hand.

Photo by Bertrand Guy, France-Press Agency

Laure Calami

In the case of the performers, Laure Calami received the prize Antonet in Sevenness And the character of a beginner hiker, along with a donkey, mesmerized the crowd between the two arrests.

Winds of change

Sami Bouzilla, who won Caesar for Best Actor A son, By Mehdi Barsoui, in which he plays a shabby father. “I often have the impression that more characters choose us than we choose,” he said, receiving his award for describing how filming in the Tunisian desert reminded him of his own father’s childhood stories.

Photo by Dominic Charria, France-Press Agency

Sami Baujila

He won the Roschdi Gem, which he crowned last year. The president, who is looking forward to a variety of issues this year, opened the festivities by emphasizing that the next “career is changing”.[ait] .

The first awards were Jean-Pascal Jade and Fatia Youssef, two black actors who immediately recognized the change of era.

First, Best Male Newcomer, writer, co-director (with John Wax) and lead actor Just black, A comedy that attacks racist clichs. This cinematographic UFO, according to him, speaks of “humanity above all else”, which came to the fore.

“Every generation must find its goal, fulfill it or betray it,” declared Jean-Pascal Jade, who received his prize, quoting the thinker Frantz Fanon.

Photo by Bertrand Gway, Associated Press

Gene-Pascal jars

For Caesars, the leading figure in French cinema with allegations of self-esteem and ambiguity shattered last year during the coronation of Roman Polanski, the appointment is very symbolic.

It came after Fatia Yusuf was crowned at the age of 14 years later Beautiful, A film about adolescence in Paris, between the traditions of the Senegalese polygamous family and social networks.

Equality, on the other hand, remains a distant horizon on the charts.

“We’re too naked”

In addition to these questions, the big concern of the evening was clearly the health crisis, and the platform served on many occasions to cry out the despair of the cultural world.

« No culture, no future On the belly, the give us back art, Jean the back: On the small screen, actress Corinne Masiro, alias Captain Marlio, took off her bloody ass skin outfit and made an impression by identifying herself completely naked on stage. Submit a prize for the best dress.

Photo by Bertrand Gway, Associated Press

Celebration Corinne Masiro with Marina Foss’s mistress (left)

“Now, we’re very naked,” she said, using clean tampons on her ears, especially asking for support for the show’s interruption.

“My kids can’t go to the cinema unless they can go to Zara… This is incomprehensible! We need political will to develop cinema; You have to shoulder this responsibility as a minister, “said Stephen DeMostier, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. The girl with the bracelet, For Culture Minister Roslyn Bachilot.

It was not in the room due to sanitary protocol, sending a “message of hope” to his arrival: “We are in the process of building the conditions with these sectors to reopen the rooms”, insured.

The 46E The Caesars ceremony was an opportunity to pay tribute to deceased artists, including Jean-Pierre Bakri, who died in January. To discover a little bit of the sense of celebration the history, the Splendid team received a Caesar anniversary.


Best Picture: Farewell idiots, By Albert Dupontel

Best Director: Albert Dupontel, for Farewell idiots

Best Actress: Laure Calami, In Antonet in Sevenness

Best Actor: Sami Bouzilla, In A son

Best Supporting Actress: Emily Dickwen, In The things we say, the things we do

Best Supporting Actor: Nicholas Marik, In Farewell idiots

Best Actress: Fatia Youssef, In Beautiful

Best Male New: Jean-Pascal Jars, In Just black

Best First Film: Theirs, By Filippo Menegetti

Best Original Screenplay: For Albert Dupontel, Farewell idiots

Best Screen Adaptation: For Stefan Demostier, The girl with the bracelet

Best Original Music: Ron, Fur Night

Best Foreign Language Film: Drunk, By Thomas Winterberg

Best Animated Feature: Joseph, From Aurel

Best Documentary: Teenagers, By Sebastian Liffitz

Best Product Design: For Carlos Conti, Farewell idiots

Best dress: Madeline Fontaine, for Good wife

High School Student Caesar: Farewell idiots, By Albert Dupontel