May 22, 2022

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Big Brother Celebrities: Kim says she will be loyal to Camille

Big Brother Celebrities: Kim says she will be loyal to Camille

Produced every week Big Brother Celebrity Talk to some candidates to get their views and find out their strategies for the rest of the game.

Kim recently revealed some interesting information. She specifically indicated that she would be loyal to Camille. ” If I were the owner next week, I would do my part not to put Camille in the OR. I want her to be in the top 4 with us, I want to keep my word. I keep Richardson and choose Franకోois as my pawn, so I don’t have to keep the com. I will never jean Jean-Thomas, I want to reach the top 2 with him. »

She stated that she was not worried about her fate if Kevin returned home after her release. ” I’m not bad with Kevin. If he wins redemption, it will be good for him. He knows how I feel about his actions. We took the time to talk about it, he knew he didn’t trust me anymore. Promises here, it does not keep. »

The boxer also reiterates his admiration for the gesture (Criticized outside) By Camille. ” I am so proud of Camille and everyone. Beautiful air of change. After the vet ceremony, I saw Kevin gaze; Surprise, broken, frustrated and angry. I was happy at the time because last week he went against our alliance. He knew he had to live with the consequences of his gesture. On the other hand, one cannot realize his pain. That same evening, he was really very upset. I can say that it made him very unhappy. »

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Recall that former Rita, who was involved in the show, well commented on Camille’s betrayal So.