June 7, 2023

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Curfew: Reject the request for Hasidic Jews

Curfew: Reject the request for Hasidic Jews

Hasidic Jews are required to maintain a curfew that begins at 8pm in the red zones, and their request for stay was rejected by the Superior Court on Friday.

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The Council of Hasidic Jews in Quebec turned to the courts in the morning, urging that Hassidic Jews could now evade curfew in the wake of the time change that would occur during the night from Saturday to Sunday. Daylight saving time really pushes the sunset back sixty minutes, making society disrespectful of its religious responsibilities in the event of a curfew.

The third prayer of the Orthodox Jews should take place after 2:30 pm after sunset. As the daylight saving time pushes the darkness back from Sunday to 8pm, they are no longer able to go to the synagogue, and the curfew is in effect from January 9 from 8am to 5am.

In his decision on Friday, Judge Brian Riordan said no to the withdrawal sought by the Council of Orthodox Jews, and “to allow communities to be overcome” [l’application du couvre-feu] Endangers public health ”and sets a precedent that“ trusts the court and leads to death […].

It was not possible on Saturday to get the council’s reaction as the Shabbat continues.

The case for Hazidic Jews exemption from government decree on curfew remains. Friday’s decision only affected the relief sought by the community, so that the curfew should no longer be honored, or at least, only after the third prayer of the day.

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