June 28, 2022

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Haiti: Four police officers have been killed as a result of an anti-gang operation

Haiti: Four police officers have been killed as a result of an anti-gang operation

Port — Prince | Port — Haitian police admitted Saturday that they lost four agents and equipment in the Prince’s poor neighborhood, in an operation against gangs that appear to be a failure for country officials.

“We lost four policemen in this operation. Eight others were injured: five have already been discharged from hospital and the other three are stable, “said Leon Charles, director general of the Haitian National Police (PNH).

In his brief statement, the police officer expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and “the entire population who support the police efforts and are shocked to see the campaign with the corpses of deceased police officers”. .

Mr Charles specifically mentioned a video that was filmed and aired on social networks on Friday, pulling the lifeless bodies of two police officers from special units to the ground and beating them by unidentified individuals.

In the poor district Village de Diu, police did not recover the bodies of these police officers who were killed at the hands of gangs, where automatic weapons explosions erupted on Friday. Leon Charles did not specify whether the police made a single arrest.

On other images that are synonymous with insult to the police, we see several damaged Haitian police vehicles, including an abandoned armored vehicle, in this vicinity of the sea in the heart of the Haitian capital.

“We have the equipment, they are in the theater of operations,” Leon Charles admitted without elaborating.

The United Nations office in Haiti said in a statement on Saturday that “it is imperative to clarify the circumstances surrounding the March 12 tragedy, and to arrest, prosecute and bring to justice those responsible for the killings.” .

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The criminals also seized large-caliber automatic weapons and Haitian police security equipment.

The hold of gangs in the Haitian territory has increased significantly in recent years.

These criminal networks have full control over many poor and densely populated areas of the capital, using illegal areas as detention sites for their kidnappers.

Since the fall, Haiti has seen an increase in kidnappings for redemption, which indiscriminately affects wealthy residents and the majority living below the poverty line.