May 23, 2022

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Here’s why Justin really wants an election

Here's why Justin really wants an election

Justin Trudeau missed half a sentence a lot on the radio this week. He pointed out for the first time how much he was looking for the purpose of calling an election this spring.

Everyone gave him intent, but never fueled this rumor so much. The excuse for a minority government is always the same: the opposition is preventing me from taking action. Justin Trudeau now suggests setting the stage.

Let’s fix one thing: Canada doesn’t need elections at this point. The pandemic is still threatening and vaccination in Canada lags behind almost all comparable countries. We need to focus on our strengths in the coming months. To get out of it as quickly as possible, to finally get out of it.


Justin Trudeau’s argument needs to be considered. Is he really unable to act because the opposition is freezing him? Not true. Conservatives have some laws that delay or slow down. Embarrassing, moreover.

But we are not talking about anything out of the ordinary in the parliamentary game. Above all, no project that is crucial to the economy or the fight against the epidemic is in conflict with the opposition.

In fact, what hit me was the very reverse. Despite his minority status, Justin Trudeau does what he wants. In the wake of the crisis, the Liberal government has come up with an impressive number of new programs. He spent hundreds of billions. This created a deficit that no economist could have imagined.

Justin Trudeau did not even introduce a budget, Canada has been living without a budget for two years, a completely unprecedented situation. Only this disorder in management can justify the opposition to overthrowing the government: it is incapable of budgeting and tabling! However, the opposition criticized it as a minor failure. True, Justin Trudeau rules as he pleases.

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The real reason

If Justin Trudeau is not really handcuffed, why do we need elections this spring? The answer is very simple. Because the majority sees a barn door in front of him to be re-elected, which gives him a very comfortable command for four years.

Polls are not good for Justin Trudeau. They are amazing! This week, the Bloomberg poll gave the Liberals a 9-point lead over the Conservatives … on what topic? Which party is best suited for the financial management of Canada?

When a student scores this high on their weakest subject, they are on the right track. After a good start, Erin O’Toole is going through a setback that may not be well suited for the spring election. Worse, the right to religion derailed the Conservative Congress next week.

We understand the temptations of Justin Trudeau. If he starts us in the election, we need to understand and name one and the real reason.