May 29, 2022

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Morpheus Morin will star in the new Marilop Wolf movie

Morpheus Morin will star in the new Marilop Wolf movie

Good news for fans Moripier Morin: The host and the actress will be the latest cast Marilop Wolf, Arlette!.

Yes, later His latest film is a success Joulix, Marilop Wolf Makes a new film dealing with politics! Moripier Morin In the atmosphere there is a young cultural minister slipping into the skin and there is a star.

«We are very proud to work with Maripier, Lance M. Roller. At some point in life you need to look ahead and stop looking back. There are people who admit their mistakes and we should give them a chance. And in the audition, Maripier was the best!», Reveals the producer Andre Rowley Caramel Films at Tap.

Andre Rowley He knows he knows this decision to give the title role Moripier Morin So, there is no consensus Maripier Is Targeted with allegations of sexual harassment By the singer Safia Nolin Last year: “At my age, I learned to take responsibility for my decision. If there are people, and there are those who are not ready to forgive, it is their choice to live with it. I don’t have to get on my knees or convince anyone!»

A star-studded cast is added Moripier Morin In Arlette!, Whose filming begins next Monday: Then we have Gilbert Sicotte, Benoit Brier, David La Haye, Kathleen Fortin, Paul Ahmarani, Emmanuel Schwartz, Michelin Langtot, Alexander Nachi, Carmen Sylvester Pierre, Claudine, Sandrine, Sandrine .

Here is the script of the dramatic comedy:

«Arlette Saint-Amore, who was approached by the Quebec Premier to revitalize the image of his government, becomes Minister of Culture overnight. She succeeds with her look and courage in creating a real sensation around the culture. Courageously, she will not hesitate to confront the most powerful, finance minister of all. Their files are battles to be fought, but a real battle to end their confrontation, because, at the end of the day, the film revolves around the main themes: the power of the film, the power to change things!»

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This year, we’ll see, too Moripier Morin In the sequel to the detective series The Rift. Recall that the host also missed in 2018 A character in The fall of the American Empire, She was very confident there.

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