May 24, 2022

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What is the secret of Franకోois Legalt?

What is the secret of Franకోois Legalt?

On Thursday, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the pandemic that killed more than 10,500 people in Quebec, Prime Minister Legalt made a short speech before the National Assembly.

“As soon as the Quebecs realized the gravity of the situation, they acted ideally. The Quebec nation is absolutely admirable,” Premier announced.

However, the epidemic revealed a decline in CHSLDs, where the elderly population is declining. We must not forget that Quebec is one of the oldest places in the world to have died.

Yet Franకోois Legalt was certainly a Western politician who was able to maintain public support, provoking the envy of all his colleagues. However, the crisis was not handled smoothly and without chaos.


The Prime Minister appeared faithful, reassuring and humane from day one. And this, despite the hectombe that touched the elderly and the fear of citizens before the illusory bureaucratization of social and hospital services.

Franకోois Legalt, along with Quebeckers, discovered the failures of public and private health services.

He did not deny anything, because his anger at not being able to execute his orders towards the base became ours and he respected the instructions as he felt the same emotions as the Kubakers, while Franకోois Legalt maintained its popularity rating this year.

Why do opponents hate him? There is no doubt that it manages to defend the French-speaking majority in Quebec on a daily basis, falsely accusing them of racism, Islamophobia and other qualifiers. By refusing to accept that Quebec pursues systemic racism, and by acknowledging that there is racism to fight here, Franకోois Legalt appears, in the eyes of most of the esteemed Quebec citizens, a defender of their mocked honor.

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The Prime Minister opposes terrorists in the media, on social networks and in universities who do not stop attacking the “white man”. Those who call for censorship and exclusion, and those who re-read Quebec history by including slavery, see Quebec comparing itself to the United States.

In addition, members of the party Cubacois consider him a traitor, while those with Quebec Solidarity associate him with moderate capitalism, while Franకోois Legalt continues to emphasize the importance of the state in the Quebec economy. In the case of Quebec’s Liberal Party activists, they have rejected Law 21 on secularism and fear future changes aimed at strengthening Law 101, the weakness of which they have previously praised through court rulings.

However, the French-speaking majority continues to support the Legal government, which may fall victim to the tragedy of the CHSLD.

The CAQ has a good chance of regaining the support of the majority of Francophones who have identified themselves as saviors in Franకోois Legalt‌, a modest and modest man, less flamboyant than some of the previous tenants, but they found themselves.