October 3, 2023

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Can cancer become a chronic disease like anything else?

Can cancer become a chronic disease like anything else?

Degeneration – Progression in treatment allows cancer to survive longer, not just later. A new example of patients struggling to integrate.

“From now on, we can extend the lives of patients for many years with acceptable quality of life, Denoting Pr Celine Chaulour, Head of the Department of Obstetric Gynecology at Celine-Etienne University Hospital. For example, I think it’s more appropriate to talk about chronicity when talking about ovarian cancer. ” Cancer, a chronic disease? The WHO puts aside this list of cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes or vision or hearing impairment. And drawing new therapies, more often, the third way between relief and death …

However, for patients, it is very difficult to compare the manifestation of arterial hypertension or diabetes – which, if well controlled, does not necessarily change the course of life – systematically damaging the course of each individual with the diagnosis of cancer. The patient, also for well-diagnosed cancers such as breast or prostate … “Offer them a

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