May 27, 2023

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Directors Cut announces itself with the first trailer

The Signifier: Director's Cut

Released on PC on October 15th, Psychological horror game Signifier Will be back soon in the new version. The first trailer also survived.

Signifier is coming soon in its directors cut version

This first video shows us Signifier Will be released in its directors cut version. In the menu for this new version, The Signifier: Directors cut Propose Improved graphics and animations, extra endings, but new dialogues and memories.

More noteworthy information, The Signifier: Directors cut If you have an original game on Steam you can get it through the free update on PC. This is not necessarily surprising, as this practice takes place very regularly on the Valve platform when a new version of the game is released.

In order to remind The Signifier: Directors cut, Towards its small black mirror, you can control Frederick Russell. Through his experimental scanner Dreamwalker, our hero must enter the subconscious of people to solve the assassination of the vice president of the world’s largest technology company. Learn more about independent Chile studio production Playmestudio, You can check anytime In our video feedback on the PC version of the software.

Finally, find out Signifier: Directors Cut does not currently have a release date, but will be coming to PC and consoles soon. It remains to be seen whether the PS5 or Xbox series versions will be in the game.

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