November 27, 2022

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Sport – League of Legends: G2 Sports Premier of LEC, SK Gaming and Schalke 04 qualify

Sport - League of Legends: G2 Sports Premier of LEC, SK Gaming and Schalke 04 qualify

G2 Sports, despite everything at first

Against Excel, Mad Lions and SK Gaming, the Quadruple Defending Champions are enough to achieve enough in a week on paper. In the weekend match, before falling against the Lions, they surprised everyone at first, bowing against the English team. Against SK, Mihel “Mixix” Mehle and his teammates showed more applications and therefore ended this regular season‌ in the first place.

For his part, Rogue G2 can take advantage of both defeats to climb to the top of the podium. Steven “Hans Sama” Liv and his teammates got rid of the SK and Phoenix wonderfully, but Excel is back. Enough to return to parity with G2 (14 wins and 4 defeats) but not pass before, error in negative result in direct collisions (2 losses).

SK Gaming and Schalke 04 En Play-Offs

Already qualified, the Mad Lions finished third this weekend despite a negative record (2 defeats and 1 win). Proving that there was not much logic this past week, they bowed to the Misfits and Australis, both teams felt less strong, but came out holding their heads out of shock against the G2.

Schalke 04, which qualified in just 32% of the scenes before the weekend, is back in fourth place. Writing a week 3-0, the German club took advantage of Fenatic’s tragedy, lost three times, but still qualified, slipping into the top of the play-off tree – ‘Defeat when it comes back.

“Facing the Phoenix in the first round of the play-offs is good training”

Jean «jeju »masol, ad carry d sk gaming

«We are happy in defeat, Explained to us the French statement after the loss to G2. Passing is very good. Playing with Phoenix in the first round is going to be good training. If we win the series, the second round will also pass (It loses to G2 Sports – Schalke 04) And after all.»

Near Misfits, Vitality is the last

With a total of 8 wins and 10 losses, Misfits has a record similar to SK. Only, the latter imposed themselves on external and return travel and therefore took the best in direct confrontations. However, Vincent “Vetio” Berrick’s training came very close to qualifying. First against the MAD Lions, at the end of the attempt, then against the Phoenix, in a lightning victory, the Rabbits pocketed two great victories before falling against Vitality on Sunday.

Excel, Astralis and Vitality complete the rankings this spring. Even the first two teams didn’t shine any more this weekend. The French structure, which is still in contention for the play-offs before Friday, said goodbye to its last hopes from day one. The final start with Misfits allows them to end the season with a record of 5 wins and 13 defeats.

SK Gaming 0-1 Rogue
Vitality 0-1 Astralis
Schalke04 1-0 Phonetic
MAD Lions 0-1 Misfits
G2 Sports 0-1 Excel

Vitality 1-0 misfits
Excel 0-1 Schalke04
Astralis 1-0 MAD Lions
G2 Sports 1-0 SK Gaming
Rogue 1-0 Phonetic

First round posters of play-offs

Friday 26 March (6pm): Phonetic – SK Gaming
Saturday 27 March (5pm): G2 Sports – Schalke04
Sunday, March 28 (5pm): Rogue – MAD Lions