June 27, 2022

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Tramway: A new route that is not unanimous

Tramway: A new route that is not unanimous

Many citizens say they are disappointed with the new route the Quebec City has planned for the future tramway.

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According to our parliamentary office, Confirms that the city of Quebec agrees to review its plans to serve the D’Estimoville sector with Tram, while at the same time abandoning part of the route to serve Limoilou and Charlesburg.

However, many residents feel that there are a lot of requirements in these areas.

On the other hand, many said they were happy to see the project moving forward. This is especially true in the case of environmental groups that do not hide their haste to see file progress.

“All ministries that are required to give Quebec City the necessary powers and powers to proceed with the call for tenders should send draft decrees to the Council of Ministers as soon as possible so that Quebec City can proceed with its call for tenders as soon as possible,” said the Director-General of the Concile Regional de la Capital-National Said Alexander Tarzan.

Mayor Regis Labyum will soon meet with Prime Minister Franకోois Legaltాల్ to discuss the progress of the tram project.

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