July 6, 2022

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Biden blamed the immigration crisis in the southern United States

Biden blamed the immigration crisis in the southern United States

BROWNSVILLE | Republicans on Monday blamed Joe Biden for the draft that drew thousands of immigrants to the U.S.-Mexico border.

“This crisis was created by the presidential policies of this new administration. It has no name other than the Biden border crisis,” Kevin McCarthy, a Republican minority leader, told the House of Representatives.

“You have to get over Air Force One, this is where you have to be visible to the public and talk to the border police officers,” he said. Joe Biden intends to visit Texas on the Mexican border with other Republicans elected to the House.

From his first day in the White House on January 20, Joe Biden signed a temporary ban on the deportation of unregistered immigrants to the United States before November 2020. And he promised a comprehensive immigration reform that would pave the way for naturalization of about 11 million illegal immigrants.

All of this has encouraged immigrants to take advantage of their opportunities, Republicans say.

The White House acknowledged Monday that it was facing a “bigger problem,” but blamed Donald Trump, who resigned on Jan. 20, on a four-year term.

“The last administration left us with a system of demolition and impossibility,” White House spokeswoman Jen Saki told a news conference.

“We will do everything for a solution,” he added.

Democrats allege that Republicans are trying to create a “diversion” not to talk about the massive economic stimulus plan they have just approved, which is very popular with Americans.

They point out that the number of illegal immigrants caught on the Mexican border is set to rise again in the spring of 2020, again, as per Trump’s mandate.

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Some of those who confronted Republican lawmakers who said Monday they were “heartbroken” by the conditions of immigrants at the border also recalled the controversial policy of “zero tolerance” that Donald Trump enacted in 2018, which has led to the separation of thousands of immigrant families.

Hundreds of children have yet to find their parents.

“No money”

“At home, we have no job, no money,” said Rubia Tabora, 25, of Guatemalan, sitting with her one-year-old son at the Brownsville bus station on the southern tip of Texas.

She has crossed the border illegally from Mexico and wants to find her husband who is already living in the United States.

The news that Joe Biden had signed a temporary ban on deportations encouraged her to cross the border. “My husband told me to come at that time,” the young woman explained to AFP on Sunday evening.

About 200 unregistered immigrants passed through the Brownsville bus station on Saturday alone, local associations said.

At the heart of this recurring flow across the border, a massive influx of uncooperative miners overwhelmed existing reception structures.

So much so that the Biden administration on Saturday ordered the U.S. Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to intervene. For three months, she helps to provide temporary accommodation for minors before they reach adulthood, usually relatives already settled in the United States.

The Ministry of Health is currently caring for 8,800 young immigrants and the daily commute continues.

In the month of February alone, the Border Police (CBP) intercepted 100,000 illegal immigrants on the southern border of the United States, of whom 9,457 came with 19,246 families, including uncooperative minors.

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The number of minor immigrants arriving alone at the Mexico border fell to a low of 741 in April 2020, and has continued to rise ever since.

In December, a full month of the Donald Trump presidency last month, customs services intercepted 74,000 immigrants.

On Jan. 26, a U.S. federal court overturned a decision by the Joe Biden administration to freeze the deportation of illegal immigrants for 100 days.