June 7, 2023

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The spectrum of reconstruction reappears on the Wave 3 face

The spectrum of reconstruction reappears on the Wave 3 face

Confiner ”while there is still time: German doctors feel it is necessary to reintroduce severe restrictions on the wear and tear of the population and to prevent the third wave from coming out, despite the wear and tear.

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The alarm signal was heard Monday morning by the Emergency Medical Association and Intensive Care.

“Based on the data we have and the prevalence of the British variant, we strongly recommend returning now to avoid a strong third wave,” said Christian Karagyanidis, scientific director of the association.

Without new measures in the next two weeks, the expert in pulmonary pathology on public radio warned, “We will reach the top very quickly and it will be twice as difficult to reduce the numbers at this high level.”

German health officials have been warning for days against a third contagious wave linked to the spread of the British variant.

“The proliferation of trends shows that more cases are to be expected in the first week of April than at Christmas,” the Robert Koch Institute, which is responsible for epidemiological monitoring, warned on Saturday.

The seven-day occurrence rate, which has been rising for a week, is expected to reach 350, up from 82.9 on Monday, and has not reached this level since February 3.

The infection rate rises to 1.19, which is far from the 1.2 level, from which, according to emergency physicians, the condition becomes “critical”.

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Of the three laundries – Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Unholt – the incidence rate crossed the 100 mark on Monday.

This symbolic milestone was so important that it was felt that it would be triggered automatically, and that if the 100 mark was crossed for seven days there would be no need for severe restrictions on private meetings or restrictions such as the closure of hairdressing salons and some businesses. .

On March 3, Angela Merkel and German regions authorized some relaxations and defined a complex system of “emergency” openings and closures according to event rates.

“So now we have a strong growth in the number of cases, we must take action accordingly, that is, implement the March 3 agreement not only in its pleasant actions, but also in its difficult parts,” government spokesman Stephen Seabert warned Monday.

However, Launder is appealing for easing to restart the economy.

There are significant restrictions in the country, however, for months on closing bars, restaurants, cultural and sports venues or shops that are deemed unnecessary.

Schools and daycare, on the other hand, reopened in late February, but with classes in half the groups. And officials reduced some stress regarding person-to-person contact or hairdressing.

Angela Merkel and leaders of 16 regional states will take stock on March 22 and discuss new measures.

These talks should take place in a tense atmosphere for the government, whose vaccination strategy will be criticized from all sides for the slowdown.

Angela Merkel’s traditional party may find it very difficult to impose more sanctions a year after it was shut down. He was embroiled in several scandals involving aides suspected of enriching themselves through the supply of masks and suffered a crushing defeat in the regional elections on Sunday as a result.

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The Germans, who earned interest, are increasing their reservations under the nickname 17th German Land on the Spanish island of Mallorca, which is no longer classified as a risk zone by health officials.

Despite government warnings not to make “unnecessary” trips, Eurowings has arranged 300 additional flights to the destination.