June 7, 2023

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Jean-Thomas Jabin almost abandoned the Big Brother adventure: here’s why

Jean-Thomas Jabin almost abandoned the Big Brother adventure: here's why

Players of Big Brother It has nothing to do with the outside world, but sometimes they make assignment videos to the product, which can then be broadcast on the social networks of celebrities.

Jean-Thomas Jabin used this power to target his fans in a video he recently posted on his Instagram account. In it, he describes his adventures over the past few weeks and states that he was afraid of going out on an adventure due to an accident.

True, a few weeks ago, we saw Jean-Thomas Jabin fall off a treadmill while training. The players claimed he was injured, but we do not know how much the comedian suffered. ” I had terrible back pain , He mentioned. ” I fell off a fast moving treadmill. It gave me a terrible shock in my back, I was afraid I would have to leave. Fortunately, I was good. Eventually I will contact you. »

He even made a short comment on each of his teammates. In particular, he said of Kim: “ I don’t know what they put on TV, but this girl is so happy! “He also spoke well of Richardson:” He is a pearl, he is a truly wonderful human being. That’s itNext we have the impression that they have recently given up the fight a bit. Can he surprise us this week?

Jean-Thomas Jabin, too Reiterated his intention to win Big Brother Celebrity And donating the full amount to the Hope Foundation governors. So far, he has a good chance of winning, but that may still change.