May 20, 2022

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US elections | Foreign intervention had no effect

US elections |  Foreign intervention had no effect

(Washington) Despite Russian, Chinese and Iranian attempts to infiltrate candidate networks, no foreign country has tampered with the results of the 2020 U.S. election, an official report released on Tuesday said.

France Media Agency

“We have identified a number of incidents in which actors affiliated with Russian, Chinese or Iranian governments have undermined the security of political organizations, candidates and party networks,” the Ministries of Justice and Homeland Security wrote.

“They collected information that could have been published to influence some activities, but we did not observe the spread, alteration or destruction of this data,” they said in the investigation report.

In addition, “Russian and Iranian campaigns targeted the necessary infrastructure and compromised the security of the networks responsible for the election campaign”, but had no effect on “votes, counting or transmission of results”, add two sections.

Trump’s ‘not credible’ arguments

The authors of the document allege that former President Donald Trump and his supporters are vying for Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

We are aware of public comments being made by foreign governments, including Venezuela, Cuba or China […] The calculation was changed by the regulation of electoral infrastructure. The investigation revealed that they were not credible. “

Extract from the US report on the November 2020 election

“We have no proof […] They still insist that a government or a foreign actor compromised the integrity of the election or manipulated the election results.

In the aftermath of the presidential election in November, Donald Trump attacked “Dominion” voting machines, claiming that they belonged to relatives of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and that his lawyers had falsely accused him of “stolen” victory.

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Bill Barr, his own justice minister, promised in December that he had no evidence of “fraud”, but the billionaire continued his crusade until his supporters attacked the White-hot Capital on January 6.

Faced with outrage and the removal of his Twitter and Facebook accounts, he discreetly resigned to relinquish power.